About Our Beeston Private Tutoring Services

We Set Students on a Path to Success

Has your child been struggling to keep up in school? Is there a student in your life who may not be getting the educational instruction they need? If so, Tutor Doctor may have the answer. We offer private tutoring in Beeston focused on addressing students’ individual needs. Our goal is to provide pupils of multiple ages with comprehensive support in a range of subjects. We pride ourselves on not only encouraging students to enjoy learning, but in instilling skills that will carry them forward throughout their lives. If you are a parent looking for a way to help your child both improve their marks in school and gain foundational habits for a brighter future, then you are going to love Tutor Doctor Beeston.

The tutors we work with are proud to help students in:

  • Time management
  • Organization & planning skills
  • Task initiation & follow-through
  • Goal-oriented persistence
  • Impulse control
  • Sustained attention & focus
  • Working memory

Tutor Doctor has helped over 200,000 families give students the extra push they need to tackle a range of courses and master difficult tests, all while learning to love learning! Our mission is to pair students with tutors who fit their unique learning styles. The tutors we work with take the time to address each student’s strengths, while determining where they need improvement. And with the ability to tailor curriculum and lesson plans to your child, you might as well give Tutor Doctor Beeston a call for yourself!

Offering a Comfortable Learning Environment

Our Beeston in-home tutoring services are designed to be comfortable for everyone involved. Because the tutors we work with come right to you, your child can always feel safe and supported in the privacy of their own home. Our flexible and customisable approach is constructed to strengthen students’ confidence, allowing them not only to succeed academically, but improve social skills, too. And if for whatever reason you are ever unhappy with the tutor your child is working with, we promise to work to find them a better match. If your student is falling behind, don’t let them get discouraged. Just get Tutor Doctor Beeston, and let a professional tutor get him or her back on track!

If there is a student in your life who is struggling, call 0121 2275874 for a complimentary consultation, or contact us online.