Things to consider before moving to University

Things to consider before moving to University

A-Level results day is finally here, meaning for many of you it’s time to start thinking about moving to University! Life is certainly going to change- not only will you be moving away from home, meeting loads of new people, but you will also have to manage your studies independently as well as leave enough time to phone home and do all of your laundry! It’s certainly can be overwhelming- not to mention a little scary! Here at Tutor Doctor we want to help make the big move as stress free as possible which is why we’ve put together some important things to consider before you set off.  

How do I prepare before moving in?

  • Once you’ve sorted out your accommodation, it’s always wise to see what’s included with your room, what you can and can’t take and if in the kitchen area there are any appliances like toasters and kettles.
  • Usually there will be a Fresher’s page for your University or accommodation, meaning you can start chatting to people and seeing who may be living in your block/flat. It’s a great way to find friends before you even get there!  
  • Make sure you have buy all the essentials before you go. We’re talking kitchen equipment, stationary, duvets, towels and groceries. No one wants to arrive in a new place and have to rush to the shops to buy cutlery and toilet roll. Being prepared means that as soon as you arrive you will have lots more free time to go and meet new people and explore your new surroundings. Check out this easy to follow checklist of all the things you will need.

Managing your finances

  • Once you’ve had your place confirmed, it’s time to start thinking about opening a student account. With most student bank accounts, you can arrange an interest free overdraft (in case of emergency!) as well as take advantage of unique perks such as mobile phone insurance or a free NUS card. For more advice and information on student banking head over to Money Saving Expert’s helpful guide.
  • Remember to shop around for your bank account and make sure there is a branch near your University.
  • Try to save a little bit of money in the last few weeks of summer. Whether that means getting a summer job or just saving your allowance, it will make all the difference in your first term! Not only will you probably be socialising a lot more than usual, sticking to a budget isn’t always easy, so it will mean you’ll have some savings as back-up.

Staying healthy!

  • A few weeks before you make the big move, arranging a checkup with your GP and dentist is always a good idea. It will probably be the last thing on your mind once you arrive- so a good bill of health will be one less thing to worry about.
  • Fresher’s Flue is all part of the fun, so make sure you sign up to a GP as soon as you arrive. The last thing you will want to do if you feel unwell is try to find a good doctor’s surgery to sign up to. Use the NHS website to locate your nearest practice.
  • If you take any regular medication, make sure you have all the relevant information so you can organise your prescription once you’ve settled in.


  • Some university departments put their reading lists online at Blackwell's Reading Lists. Others will send you reading lists in your welcome pack once your place is confirmed after Results Day.
  • Remember there is no need to buy everything on your reading list! Head to your local library and pick up a few titles to read over the summer.
  • Once you arrive at uni, your lecturers will let you know if there are any key titles to invest in. Any other books will be available from your University library! Many university books are quite pricy, so if you are investing in a couple of titles, make sure you shop around. Good places for discounts or 2nd hand books are Amazon, eBay, Abebooks, Alibris, Oxfam Online.
  • If you are investing in a key title, make sure you purchase the correct ‘edition.’ You don’t want to buy something that’s out of date!

Finally.. Don’t panic and enjoy every experience! You will probably only head off to University once in your lifetime, so try not to worry too much, work hard, have fun and make it count!

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