Fun Educational Summer Activities for Teens

Fun Educational Summer Activities for Teens

The summer break is finally here, meaning for most teens, late nights, long lie ins and lots of time spent with friends. This often means homework and learning is the last thing on their mind. Here at Tutor Doctor we know how important it is for your teenage son or daughter to stay engaged in their education and keep their brains active and inspired. That’s why we’ve come up with some fun educational activities that teens can enjoy this summer. Even though it may take a bit of persuasion to get them on board, we guarantee they will have fun and even learn a thing or two!

Get your teens to read, read and read some more! Reading is one of the most beneficial and enjoyable activities anyone (especially teens) can do over the long summer break. Remember the hardest part for most teenagers is actually picking up a book and reading it- once they do the rest will probably be history! To make reading a little more interesting, it’s super important for them to be excited about it. Start by taking a trip to your local bookshop or library and allow them to pick out 5 or 6 books that they really want to read over the break. You could then set them the challenge of reading one book a week and see how they get on. Reading is a fantastic way to combat summer learning loss and engage their imaginations! For our list of recommended books for teens to read over the summer check out our blog post here.

Research careers
Careers can be a scary word for teenagers, however a great use of a rainy afternoon would be for them to start researching what jobs are out there and what area they may be interested in pursuing. Remember this doesn’t have to be boring- we don’t want long lists of jobs and salaries- really encourage your teen to think about their dream career and get them to research how they can make it happen. Do they need to study something specific in college or university? Do they need to complete work placements? Is there anything they can actively be doing this summer to kick-start their career interest? All these questions are sure to spark an interest as the future is an exciting prospect!

Don’t forget this doesn’t have to be a computer based project either- why not chat with your teen about what excites them, where they picture themselves in 5-10 years time, where they want to live, do they want to travel? If they’re not sure a great way to start is with a big mind map of all the things they want to achieve, their hope and dreams and what interests them.

Pursue their passions
Encouraging your teens to pursue their passions is not only going to be loads of fun but educational too. Remember plenty of opportunities, the right materials and lots of encouragement really is the key!Here are a few ideas that you could suggest!

    • Your teen.. is sporty

If your teen is sporty, then the summer is the ideal time for them to fully embrace it! Find local sports clubs that they can join- some may even offer special summer programmes that would be perfect for a sport crazy teenager! If joining a club isn’t for them ensuring that they have other opportunities is important. If you have a big garden, you could invest in some equipment like a basketball hoop or football nets. Alternatively, why not visit the park as a family and play a game of rounders or you could even spend the day at a trampoline park?

    • Your teen.. enjoys being creative

Does your teen enjoy photography, writing or being artistic? If so, there are loads of ways that they can ignite their passion over the holidays. Why not get them to start an online blog where they can practice their writing and photography skills on a regular basis? If a blog isn’t for them, another suggestion might be for them to create a summer scrapbook journal with their own photographs and words. For all those budding artists, undertaking a bigger project is bound to be an exciting prospect. A brilliant idea would be for them to create a large piece of artwork for the house or their bedroom.

    • Your teen..loves helping out in the kitchen

If your teen is particularly passionate about food and cooking, then why not spend some time with them in the kitchen? A great activity to get involved in would be for them to choose and write out a simple three-course menu for a family dinner. With close supervision, get your son or daughter to plan and measure out, cook and serve the menu- just like a mini restaurant! If baking is something they are more interested in, then get them to flick through a recipe book and choose a couple of bakes they would like to make. To really go the extra mile, you could even sell the yummy creations and donate the earnings to a good cause.

Research Universities
If your teen is already in 6th form it’s likely they will at some point have had a quick look into university. However, it’s not unheard of for students to make drastic decisions when it comes to choosing a university or deciding whether or not they want to go. A great use of some spare time over the holidays is for them to get researching! Encourage them to order brochures, look at which course is going to suit them best, where they want to go and maybe even if university is the right choice for them. If your teen has a few places in mind, then attending a few open days will give them a bit more of an idea of what to expect. We promise that this research will be fun, eye opening and a very productive use of time!

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