The Best Educational Apps to Kick Start Learning This Summer

The Best Educational Apps to Kick Start Learning This Summer

It’s no secret that technology is now a huge part of everyday life- even for your kids. We want to make the most out of their technology use, which is why we have found the best educational apps to make screen time more beneficial. But these apps aren’t boring- they are colourful, interactive and most importantly allow your kids to have fun at the same time as learning. Incorporating education with screen time is a smart way to encourage children’s brains to stay active and alert, especially during the summer holidays. So let’s get to the app store!

BrainPOP (Free or £4.99 Full Access)
Category: Science/General Knowledge
Age: 9-11

This app has been chosen by Apple in the top 10 ‘Essential’ apps for kids. It’s covers everything from Science and English to Social Studies and Health. It’s colourful, visual and super easy to use. The main principle of the app is for your kids to watch an animated movie and then test themselves in an interactive quiz. They also have a website with tons more information and fun learning games:

DoodleMaths (Free)
Category: Maths
Age: One app for 7-11 and another for 12+

Doodlemaths has been designed by teachers to help improve your child’s confidence and ability in maths. What’s even better is that the app is personalised as it identifies your child’s level, strengths and weaknesses, and progresses them when their ready. It covers national curriculum KS2 and KS3 and the interface is simple to use and monitor. The ultimate maths app.

Fractions. Smart Pirate (Android 77p)
Category: Maths- Fractions
Age: 6+

Fractions aren’t the easiest area of maths to get to grips with. This app makes learning fractions fun with lots of colourful Caribbean Pirates. Its concept is also really easy for children understand and doesn’t present anything too complex. Definitely worth purchasing!

Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game (£2.99)
Category: English- Spelling
Age- 4-8

Spell with Pip is a fairly new app designed by Oxford University Press. It combines spelling practice with bright eye catching graphics. What’s really great about it is that it focuses on words that children often find hard to spell, based on the latest research by Oxford Dictionaries for children. Download this app and your child will be super at spelling in no time.

iWriteWords (Handwriting Game) (£2.99)
Category: Handwriting
Age: Pre-School

iWriteWords has been designed specifically to teach your child handwriting skills. It works by kids helping Mr.Crab collect the numbered balls by dragging them with their finger. At the same time as doing this they are also drawing a letter. An innovative app- perfect for younger children who are learning how to write and recognise the alphabet.

Scribble Press (£2.99)
Category: Creative- Art/Drawing/Storytelling
Age: 5+

Scribble Press is a book creation platform that enables kids to create and share their own stories. This app has tons of amazing drawing and writing tools and most importantly is user friendly. It’s perfect for kids to get creative and use their imagination. You could even call it a virtual bookshop where the authors and illustrators are your kids. How exciting!

Duolingo (Free)
Category: Learning Languages
Age: Any- Even suitable for adults

Duolingo is fantastic app if your child is already learning a foreign language or wanting to start out. It will help them memorise new words and phrases in an instant and is super easy to follow. What’s more is it’s totally free and was even voted Apples 2013 App of the Year! Choose from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and English. Adults can have a go too; it’s not just for kids!

These apps are a great way to support and encourage extended learning at home, especially throughout the summer holidays. Remember that screen time shouldn’t be their only extra learning activity. It’s also important to encourage reading, writing and number practice on paper too.

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