5 Fun Activities to Keep Kids' Brains Active During the Summer Break

5 Fun Activities to Keep Kids' Brains Active During the Summer Break

The summer holidays are just a few weeks away, which means your kids are soon going to have a load of spare time on their hands. Here at Tutor Doctor, we know how easy it is for your children to indulge in a little bit too much technology time and not keep their brains as active as they should be. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 activities which will help fight summer boredom and build up their thinking skills! We guarantee their minds will be active all summer long!

1. Visit your local library
Visiting your local library with your children is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Not only can you indulge in taking out a handful of books, your kids can too. Encourage your children to browse all the books and get them to choose 5 of their favourites to take home and read! Reading is such an easy way to engage their brains during the holidays and if they are lost in a good book, we bet they won’t even realise they are learning! You could get them to take part in our summer reading challenge, find out more here.

2. Cooking/Baking
What better way for your child to practice maths and science skills than by spending the day cooking or baking? Not only is it an opportunity for you to spend time with the kids, but it’s also a brilliant way to get their brains active and thinking! They will be able to practice skills like weighing ingredients out, measurements, timings, temperature, different foods and chemical reactions. It’s also really yummy- especially if your baking cookies or a cake!

3. Visit a museum
We’re sure that there is at least one museum near your home: whether it’s an art museum, history museum, zoo, aquarium, science center or nature preserve. Plan a day trip with the whole family and get the children to take part in the activities aimed towards kids, read the displays and just generally get involved. Not only will it get their brains active but it will be educational too.

4. Journal their summer!
A really easy way to get your kids thinking this summer is to encourage them to keep a journal- and there’s loads of ways they can do this. It’s such an easy way to get your kids imaginations flowing but also get them learning at the same time! Make sure you regularly read/look at their work and give them a little bit of positive encouragement. Monitoring their progress will also make sure they are keeping up to date with their journal and that they are taking pride in their work.

Summer Journal Ideas

  • Writing

If your kids love writing, get them to write a journal each day of what they get up to. This is an excellent way to practice spelling, grammar, handwriting, punctuation and sentence structure.

  • Visual

If your child is more visual, then why not buy a couple of disposable cameras and get them to keep a photo journal scrapbook of their summer? Encouraging a more visual approach will help your child engage in their creative side and all things arty!

  • Teens

It’s not just the little ones that can get involved- even teenagers can try journaling. As we all know how difficult it can be to get your teenage son or daughter away from their laptop, why not see if they fancy writing a summer journal blog online? This would also combine writing and photography skills into one activity.

5. Explore personal interests
Finally, perhaps one of the easiest ways to get your kids excited, active and learning this summer is to help them explore their personal interests through fun activities. If they enjoy music- why not see if there is a free summer concert you could go to? If they love animals, why not spend the day at the zoo or a farm? If your child is very artistic, then there is a whole load of crafty ideas they can get involved in at home or you could even find a local art exhibition. Whatever your child’s passion, considering their interests and helping them make plans to delve into their hobbies is not only fun for them but also rewarding for you!

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