Helping your kids stay organised at school

Helping your kids stay organised at school

Starting a new school term means lots of new topics to learn, a mountain of homework to get through and a new timetable to grasp. For many students, trying to juggle all these things can be extremely overwhelming and staying organised can seem tricky. Here at Tutor Doctor we know that staying organised at school can really make the difference when it comes to learning. That’s why we’ve put together some simple ideas that are sure to help your kids stay on track at school as well as on top of their studies!

Establish a homework routine at home

This is one of the most important structures to implement into your child’s everyday routine. Start by determining a time that daily schoolwork can be completed and stick to it. For most kids this will be straight after school whilst they are still in studying mode. Others may need down time first and start working a little later on. Once you’ve decided a time that’s going to work best, make sure your child knows that you expect them to use it for studying. This way homework won’t even have a chance to build up!

Make sure you’re aware what’s going on

As parents it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in your child’s school life. Start by checking their school planner at least once a week to ensure they’re writing down homework correctly and to see if there are any important comments from teachers. Talking to your kids about how school is going every week is also a good idea. Ask them about how they’re finding their workload, upcoming tests and exams and how classes are going in general. This will really indicate if your child needs some extra help in getting organised for school.

Plan Ahead- Pack school bags the night before

There’s nothing worse for your child than forgetting to pack a piece of homework that they worked really hard on the night before. Encourage your child to plan ahead and get into the routine of packing their bag the night before school. Make sure they think about what lessons they have, what books they may need, which pieces of homework are due and if there’s any pending parent’s forms that need to be collected. This small part of their everyday routine will make all the difference when it comes to being organised at school!

Print timetables for at home

Timetables often change on a termly basis, meaning remembering which day they need to take in their P.E kit can be difficult. Even though your child will probably have a printed version of their timetable in their schoolbag, it’s equally important for them to have a hard copy at home. Simply print out another and pin it somewhere they walk past everyday like a bedroom wall or fridge. If they enjoy art, you could even get them to make a colourful timetable poster. Having this schedule at home will help them get organised quickly, especially when packing their school bag the night before.

Encourage them to write in their homework planner

The older kids get, the more homework and activities they’ll have. Teaching them to manage their tasks with the use of lists or a homework planner is crucial, especially if they want to be organised and up-to-date with studying. Lists in particular are a quick and easy way for students to write down all of the important tasks they need to complete in a day. Not only will they be able to quickly glance at what needs working on, many teenagers (and adults) thrive crossing off tasks on a list, so it’s a brilliant way to get motivated!

Get a locker at school

Most kids have multiple subjects, meaning they have to carry lots of books and equipment around all day long. To really help your child be as organised for each class as possible, why not rent out a locker for them at school? This way they can get into the routine of putting all of their school work, text books and equipment in their locker at the beginning of each day and taking out what’s needed before each lesson. Genius!

Have an organised study area at home

Finally, it’s super important for your child to have an organised study area at home. Having a designated learning space means kids have a calm place to complete homework as well as somewhere to store all of their materials and school books. Colour coordinating and labelling folders will also make it easy for your child to find specific notes or learning materials. We guarantee there’ll be no more science books lost under the bed.

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