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Let's celebrate Roald Dahl Day!

The 13th of September isn’t just a regular Tuesday- it’s the official Roald Dahl day, meaning fans up and down the country can celebrate the talented writer and his classic children’s books. In fact, this year marks 100 years since his birth, which is even more reason to get involved. Here at Tutor Doctor, we thought it was only fitting to dedicate a whole blog post to this wonderful day. Not only have we found the best ways to join in with the celebrations, we've also chosen our four favourite Roald Dahl books for your kids to start reading! Happy Roald Dahl Day!

How can we get involved?

Many schools and libraries will be celebrating Roald Dahl day- so make sure you check out what’s going on locally. If you can’t find anything close-by there’s loads of other ways to get involved.

Puffin Virtually Live’s Roald Dahl Special

Starting at 2pm on Tuesday the 13th of September, your kids can watch a performance of Matilda the Musical, draw with Quentin Blake or even invent magical Roald Dahl inspired words. Make sure you get your child’s teacher to register for free here.

Dahlicious Dress Up Day

Many schools around the UK will be joining in on this year’s Dahlicous Dress up Day. Your child simply dresses up as their favourite Roald Dahl character and donates £1 to the Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. Make sure you check if your child’s school is taking part first though!

Explore Roald Dahl's City of the Unexpected

Roald Dahl’s city of the Unexpected will be taking place on the 17th and 18th of September in Cardiff. Not only will the streets be transformed, there will visual displays and performances that any Roald Dahl fan is bound to enjoy. For more information check out the official website here:

Celebrate at Home

If you want to do something simple to celebrate, why not have a mini Roald Dahl party at home? All you have to do is download your Roald Dahl party pack here and celebrate! You could even get the kids to start reading a Roald Dahl book- we’ve chosen our favourite four below.

Tutor Doctor's top four Roald Dahl books

The Twits- The Twits is for sure a favourite for many Roald Dahl fans. It follows the tale of Mr and Mrs Twit who are possibly the nastiest, smelliest and meanest couple you could ever meet. They even like to play awful tricks and jokes on each other just to amuse themselves. The story focuses on Muggle-Wump the monkey and his family who are locked in a cage in the Twits garden. After they meet the Rolly Polly bird, their luck starts to change. He helps them escape from their cage and play a joke of their own on the Twits. The book is full of fantastic descriptive passages, humour and more importantly has lovely underlying messages about morality and friendship.

The Magic Finger-The Magic Finger follows the story of an ordinary little girl with magical powers. If someone makes her angry then she simply zaps her magic finger and flash- something strange happens! The book follows her telling us the story of the Gregg family and how her magic finger helped them change their ways. Not only is the story funny, it’s easy to read and represents a fantastic moral compass for children to be inspired by.

The Witches- The Witches tells the story of an eight-year-boy and his grandma. On a summer trip, the boy discovers that all the witches of England are staying in their hotel for an annual meet. The witches disguise themselves as ordinary citizens and are known to make small children disappear into thin air. It's a truly gripping read, sure to be thoroughly enjoyed and read in just a couple of sittings!

Matilda- This book is all about Matilda Wormwood, an extraordinary young girl with a magical mind and a passion for reading. Her life is by no means easy, she has to deal with her father who calls her a ‘little scab’, her mother who’s too busy at Bingo to notice her, and worst of all, her Headmistress Miss Trunchbull who is just awful. After being thrown in the Chokey by Miss Trunchbull and having a rotten time at home, Matilda finally decides she’s had enough and uses her powers to teach all the grown-ups a lesson. This well-loved classic is witty, beautifully written but also shows the importance of treating people the same way you wish to be treated and that kindness really does go a long way.