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What should I expect after enrolment?

After payment, we begin the tutor matching process. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks. Our goal is to find the perfect match for your student as quickly as possible. When matching your student with a tutor, we carefully consider personality, learning style, schedule, geography, subject matter, and the goals established in the consultation. Once a match is made you will be contacted by our office. We will share the tutor’s background and contact information, confirm a time for the tutor to call, and set the time and date for the first session. Your tutor will be briefed on your student and the individual goals established during the consultation, as well as the individual plan for success that was discussed.

Please contact us with any concerns:

We work to ensure the best possible match for your student. However, if for any reason you have questions or concerns with the match, the tutor, or the sessions, please contact our office to resolve the issue in a timely manner so as to not disrupt the tutoring or progress.

Always feel free to leave a message and, if it’s a tutoring emergency, use the business card you received in your consultation to get immediate assistance.


  1. Session Cancellation: We understand emergencies happen, however our policy is 24 hours’ notice to cancel a tutoring session. Please note if reasonable time is not given we will have to charge for last-minute cancellations. Sessions should only be cancelled by the person that signed the enrolment agreement.
  2. Guardians: Any student under the age of 18 must have a guardian 18 years or older present. This party is responsible for the student.
  3. Changes: Please notify us of any changes to tutoring or tutors. This includes items that were not discussed during the consultation or that are being changed from the individualised plan set out for your student such as; number of sessions, session length, or additional subjects.


How should I prepare for the first meeting with the tutor?

It is advisable to allow your tutor to engage the teacher while designing a tutoring plan. Tutor, teacher and parents working together will yield the best results. Please send the Teacher Contact form to the appropriate teacher and, upon its return give it to the tutor. The tutor will establish contact with the teacher to help develop the most effective plan.

Please choose a quiet place for the session to take place. We advise working at the dining room or kitchen table. Sessions must not take place in bedrooms or behind closed doors. The location should be free from family traffic, noise, play areas, or younger siblings. The student’s mobile phone must be on silent or switched off during the session. If your home is quite busy, consider the library as an alternate location.

What should I expect for the first session?

To make certain that the tutoring session is productive, have all lesson materials available (notes, study materials, textbook, etc.). The student should have made their best attempt at completing any of the subject homework prior to the tutor arriving. Remember that the tutoring session will be tailored to the dominant learning style of the student, i.e. tutors may incorporate a different approach to teaching. The tutor will review the homework, reteach if necessary, and then move on to either instructing in greater depth or moving forward to the next logical concept. Sessions prior to an exam are devoted to preparation. For younger students, the tutors will often incorporate a reward system which may include time to play a game that reinforces skills, reading (for comprehension and fluency), or writing. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email Session Report that will summarise the session and alert you to the number of hours left in your account.

What should I do to help progress?

Most importantly, do what you can to encourage the student. Ensure that the student keeps up with homework and studying 20 minutes per subject daily. Share with the tutor any correspondence from the teacher that relates to the grade or upcoming assignments. Actively question the student as to what they did in school, what they learned with the tutor, and what success they are getting now that they are working with a tutor. Please share successes with the tutor; we want to see and celebrate progress!

What if a tutoring session is missed?

Your hours are banked and provided that a session cancellation is agreed beforehand between yourself and the tutor with sufficient notice (24 hours), we will not deduct the hours paid from your account. It is expected that you stick with the payment plan (if applicable) as usual, and continue with the tutoring until the hours are used.

Who are your tutors?

They come from a wide range of backgrounds, from professionals in industry, qualified teachers, and yes, we have university students as well. All of them are vetted thoroughly in person by a member of our team for their specialist knowledge, personality, and aptitude for helping students academically. In addition, every tutor goes through an enhanced DBS check before they are matched with students.

How are you different to other providers?

We take pride in being your local, trusted and professional tutoring team, who care about the difference that we make to every student’s learning goals. We achieve this through three pillars of service elements

  • Personalised reports emailed to you after every session, so you can keep track of progress
  • Close collaboration between our tutors, parents, and the student’s school teacher to ensure the learning gaps are quickly identified and filled in.
  • A programme of study skills to help older students with task planning, time management and productivity, particularly relevant for exam revision and life in general!

What happens if I have used up all my tutoring hours?

We will get in touch when you are nearing the end of your contracted hours to assess if the goals that we agreed at the start have been achieved. Often, families find the tutoring programme has been hugely beneficial and continued support is required, so they re-enrol with us for further hours.

What happens if I have leftover tutoring hours, for example, after exams? Am I able to cancel the leftover hours?

When you sign up with us, you are making a commitment to the programme of hours, which we are very confident the student will need. You have a 60-day money back guarantee period from when the tutoring starts, which is a good amount of time to see how the tutoring is going.

After that period, we don’t normally allow cancellations and refunds because we always conservatively estimate the number of hours required for you/your child to achieve the academic goals we discussed.

In the event that circumstances change and you don’t quite use all the hours, any leftover hours can be used towards further tutoring, either for a sibling, or at a higher level at the same pricing, and for any subject, so it is quite flexible.

Your service is amazing, and I would like to leave a review/refer a friend

If you are happy with your Tutor Doctor experience, please feel free to share your success with other families you feel would benefit from our service. Personal endorsements are so powerful, and we appreciate referrals. If you are able to leave a review online (see enclosed postcard) or refer a new student to us, please let us know and we will send you a reward as a small ‘thank you’ for giving us the opportunity to help additional students.

If you should have any questions that are not addressed here, please call our office.


Tutoring Hours:

  1. The total number of hours for your student’s individualised plan have been entered into our system. This amount has been based on your student’s needs, goals and length of session and programme. It is vitally important that this plan be followed in order to complete the goals and milestones we have set together. Each time you complete a session and the tutor submits a session report, we view the report and progress and send you a copy. This will trigger the deduction of the session hours from your bank of hours. Please review and ensure our records match your records for the tutoring sessions and to stay up to date with progress. If you are on an approved payment plan, only hours paid for already are open for use. It is very important that payments do not fall behind hours used. Your payments do not necessarily line up with the hours you use in a month; your hours will likely last longer than your payments. IMPORTANT: If you abandon your tutoring hours and do not use them for one full year from your last tutor session, those hours will be forfeited.
  2. Your hours are a family block of hours and are transferable between students within the household including adult learners. Your hours are also transferable between subjects and school years. If you need an additional subject, tutor, or to add another student, please contact the office. This may require an additional consultation for an assessment. If anything changes (including goals and milestones) please let us know so we can realign
    tutoring goals, provide additional support or set your student up for success.
  3. Rematches occur occasionally if the tutor isn’t working out, there is a subject change or the addition of a subject, or if a tutor has to leave Tutor Doctor. When this happens, we take care of everything. Your enrolment is with Tutor Doctor not the individual tutor.


Your student’s progress is determined by the goals that were set. Progress is measured in many ways unique to each student’s needs such as:

  1. Improvement in school-based evaluations; tests, exams, school reports etc.
  2. Increased confidence, motivation and enjoyment of learning.
  3. Development of good work habits, study skills, completion of work and helpful learning strategies.
  4. Improvement in focus, organisational skills, time management and problem-solving skills.

Additional and Ongoing Support:

Ongoing support of our families is part of our Family Care Plan. We will be in touch with you by phone after your first few sessions to ensure the match and tutoring transition has been smooth and that you are happy.

We touch base with you every 4-6 weeks through email and phone calls to get updates on your student’s progress, goals and future needs or when we see success and items on the session reports that we want to speak about or celebrate. If you need anything at all, please contact us at the office.

Every month, we will send a text message to get you to rate the lessons delivered by your tutor on a scale of 1-5. This helps us to monitor the quality of the lessons. Your satisfaction is of great importance to us and we collect your testimonials to encourage and inspire our tutors to continue to make a difference.

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