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Revision Masterclass from Tutor Doctor Cambridge

Online group learning for GCSE & A-Level Students

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Since 2010, Tutor Doctor Cambridge has been providing tailored tutoring support and we have now launched a new initiative, providing small-group, 6-week revision programmes with some of their very best tutors: Revision Masterclasses.

Each ‘Masterclass’ will enable a group of 3 friends to work together online with one of our specialist tutors, who have designed short revision programme to focus on key curriculum topics, as well as develop study skills and exam technique.

  • Our lessons are live and interactive, structured to cover key topics
  • Pre-programme survey for students will help ensure we can understand the individual needs and tailor the sessions
  • Targetted for Year 11 and year 13 students studying GCSE and A-Levels
  • Specially designed 6-week programmes for Maths, English and Sciences, for GCSE & A-Level
  • Classes delivered via "Bramble"; an interactive and secure tutoring platform with benefits including session record and power search facility so students can return to find topics with speed and ease
  • By working in small groups, we are able to bring the individual price down to £20 an hour (incl VAT) for each student, so £120 for the 6 session Revision Masterclass programme.
  • Dedicated online booking site where you can see information on each tutor and the programmes available

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  • GCSE

    Maths - Higher

    Session 1: Number

    Session 2: Algebra

    Session 3: Probability

    Session 4: Statistics

    Session 5: Geometry and measures

    Session 6: Ratio, proportion and rates of change

    Price: £120

    6 x 1 hour tutorials

  • GCSE

    English Literature

    Session 1: Shakespeare

    Session 2: 19th Century novel

    Session 3: Modern text

    Session 4: Unseen poetry

    Session 5: Revising literary devices and the way that they shape meaning

    Session 6: Assessment objectives and remaining issues and misconceptions

    Price: £120

    6 x 1 hour tutorials

  • A-Level Chemistry

    Year 13

    Session 1: Group 7 and redox

    Session 2: Gas calculations, ideal gas equation

    Session 3: Rate of reaction

    Session 4: Alkanes and Alkenes

    Session 5: Mechanisms, haloalkanes

    Session 6: Alcohols and carbonyl compounds

    Price: £120

    6 x 1 hour tutorials