Boost exam results this year with an expert tutor

Boost exam results this year with an expert tutor

The pressure to get good exam results is really mounting, as university places become ever more competitive, and the job market isn’t too promising. Any extra support can help, and an hour or so of tutoring a week can make a real difference to your child’s performance in their exams. With the changes made to courses in recent years, like Higher and National 5 Maths, many pupils have found they weren’t prepared when they needed to be. Given the importance of maths for many jobs and higher education courses, it’s important to that you equip your child with the knowledge and confidence needed to take the most challenging of exams in their stride.

Martin Browne, our Education Consultant, has seen the effect of this first hand. “Most parents who approach Tutor Doctor need the certainty of a pass in a key subject for their child. For many, nothing less than an A grade will do. We work with our tutors to make sure we can give our students the best possible chance at getting the results they need first time.”

Individual tutors across the country have reported up to 90% of their students earning a whole grade increase, and the students themselves respond well. One young learner, Florence, says of her tutor: “With her help, I got an A. And so did my siblings, when they went to her a few years after me. Her calm teaching method, the one-to-one nature of our lessons was incredibly helpful. Without her, I would have floundered in the bottom set, and would most likely have failed.” Wouldn’t it be great if we could all look back on our Higher results with this much satisfaction!

Scientific research also supports the claim that tutoring makes a real difference. Numerous studies have shown than one that one-to-one tuition, in addition to normal schooling, improves grades significantly (Hayes, 2012; Bunting & Mooney, 2001). Ireson and Rushforth (2005) found the boys in their studies improved by three-quarters of a grade in maths, and across all students they an increase of two-fifths of a grade because of tutoring.

The difference between the research and individual tutors’ experiences shows the importance of finding the right match. Everyone learns differently, and a carefully selected tutor will be able to cater their tutorials to the student’s own needs and goals, whether it’s passing National 5 English or top marks in Advanced Higher Physics.

At Tutor Doctor Edinburgh, we hand pick each tutor to make sure you only get the best. We’ll choose someone with the expert subject knowledge, and the right experience to work together with your learner. Your initial consultation is free so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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