| Mar 27, 2017

5 great websites and apps to help with Scottish exam revision

There are lots of great revision sites out there, but a lot of them seem to be focussed on English or American exam systems.

Here we’ve put together a list of our favourites for anyone preparing for Nationals, Highers, or Advanced Highers, so you can find a one that helps your revision, instead of just confusing you!

BBC Bitesized

This website covers loads of subjects at National 4, National 5 and Higher level. Each subject is broken down into topics, and you’ll find information, videos and short tests to help you measure how well you’re doing. There’s also an app, so you can revise on the go!

SQA Past Papers

If you’re not already working through old exam papers, you need to be! You can download past papers for free from the SQA website in any subject. They also have information about changes to exam formats, and other really useful information, so have a look around the whole site as well.

Bright Red Books

This website offers useful study guides at National 5 and Higher level – all you need is to create a free account using your email address and you can access them. Each one is a published book, recreated online for easy digital access.

Higher Still for Maths

We know a lot of you would love some extra help with Maths revision. As well as speaking to your Tutor, you can use these free notes on Higher Maths course to help you master the material.

My Study Plan App

Free from the SQA, this app helps you create a fantastic revision plan based around your own personal exam timetable. You’ll know exactly what to revise and when. And best of all, it’s completely free, and available on Android or iTunes.