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Every successful individual knows that in order to succeed, certain foundational skills must be in place. On its own, knowledge is a good thing. But, when combined with discipline, knowledge is a powerful thing. At Tutor Doctor, we don’t sit down and merely cram your students’ heads with facts and figures and rote memorisation techniques, we teach students how to learn, how to study, and how to master academic discipline. The skills they develop now will best help them prepare for the future.

We create a unique plan of success for each student. This means that we customise our learning plans to your student’s needs and learning style, and that we incorporate opportunities for your student to develop executive skills, or, as we like to call them, “X-skills.” These skills are foundational to each and every student’s success, especially in secondary school and beyond.

Tutor Doctor’s Game Plan works on these X-skills:

  • Self-monitoring & Self-evaluation
  • Time Management
  • Organization & Flexibility
  • Planning & Prioritization
  • Inhibition of Impulses
  • Goal Directed Persistence
  • Task Initiation & Follow Through
  • Sustained Attention
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Working Memory (holding information while performing complex tasks)

The earlier your student begins to implement these skills, the better. Soon, these skills will be second nature to your student and give them a leg up in their future pursuits, not only in academics, but in every aspect of their lives. The tutors we work with will help motivate your students and challenge them to be their own biggest competitor. With this sort of internal motivation and discipline in place, your student will experience boosted confidence, greater interest in learning, and overall improved success.

Without the right tools, any venture will be slow, frustrating, and often, not well-executed. We view our X-skills programme as giving your student the right tools to achieve success. In the last 15 years, Tutor Doctor has helped over 200,000 students succeed, with a 95% satisfaction rate!

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