Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • How to Encourage Fussy Eaters

    Many children go through stages of refusing to try new foods or being fussy eaters. A study by Contemporary Pediatrics even found that two thirds of parents had trouble introducing their kids to new ...
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  • Tips on How to Build Up Your Child's Organisation Skills

    As your children grow up it’s essential to teach them skills that will not only help them during their academic life but also as they head into adult life. Good orgainisation is a key component to ...
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  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Child's Maths Skills

    It’s a given that maths isn’t the most popular subject for many kids at school and can sometimes prove a little tricky. Here at Tutor Doctor we want to help improve your child’s maths skills even when ...
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  • Tips On How to Inspire Your Children

    As parents, making sure your children stay inspired and motivated is just as important as making sure they finish all of their homework. Here at Tutor Doctor we want to give you some tips and tricks ...
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