Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • Preparing for the first day back to school

    With the summer holidays zooming by, it’s easy to feel a little unprepared for the first day back to school. To make the most of the upcoming year, it’s always best for parents and students to plan ...
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  • Helping kids deal with stress

    Even though childhood can appear to be a carefree time, kids can still experience stress. With school and social life creating all sorts of pressures alongside exam worries, life can often feel ...
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  • Teaching kids to be smart about using social media

    For the majority of kids and teenagers, social media is a central part of their everyday lives. Even though there are plenty of good things about social media, there are also many dangers that you ...
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  • Choosing the right backpack for your child

    Backpacks are one of the most practical school items and allow kids to carry just one bag instead of juggling P.E kits, school books and science equipment separately. Even though backpacks are useful, ...
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