Blog Posts in January, 2017

  • 5 ways you can help de-motivated kids succeed

    All parents want their kids to thrive at school. But if your child is going through a phase where they’re feeling de-motivated then it can be difficult for them to perform to the best of their ...
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  • The guide to choosing GCSE subjects

    For many students in year 9 (ages 13-14), this is the time of year they will need to start thinking about which GCSE subjects they want to study at Key Stage 4. Often there’s a wide range to choose ...
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  • Helping your child learn a second language

    Being bilingual has so many benefits, which is why it’s such a valuable skill for any child to learn. However, learning another language can be tricky, so kids need as much encouragement as possible ...
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  • Helping your teenager make good decisions

    Teenagers have to make decisions every day, yet lots of teens aren’t taught the skills they need to make healthy and informed choices. This often results in rushed or wrong decisions when faced with ...
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  • How to help children learn to love school

    As the winter break comes to a close, a new term awaits, and that can fill many children with dread. However, school doesn’t have to be synonymous with fear and in fact can be enjoyable and exciting. ...
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