Safe Guarding

Trustworthy & Dependable Personal Tutors

Every UK Tutor Doctor office adheres to clear and strict standards regarding the safety of our pupils. Home tutoring requires a great deal of trust on our clients’ behalves—trust that we strive to earn with every policy, procedure, and tutoring session. Our Safe Guarding approach helps reassure our clients that their children are in safe and trustworthy hands.

Our safety policies include:

  • Strict recruitment standards
  • Suitability and background checks for all staff
  • Mandatory up-to-date DBS checks for every tutor
  • Training tutors to abide by our clear code of conduct
  • Procedures to monitor and report cases of suspected inappropriate behaviour
  • Safe environments founded on the expertise of our Education Consultants

To become a staff member at Tutor Doctor, each tutor and administrator must adhere to our policies regarding the safety and security of our pupils. We believe your child’s well-being, academically as well as mentally, physically, and emotionally, is our responsibility for the duration of each session. While parents must also work with us to ensure the safety of their children, safety begins with us.

Learn more about our safety policies by calling 0800 011 9729 or contacting Tutor Doctor online.