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GCSE Science Tutor

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It’s not uncommon for students to feel overwhelming pressure as they navigate academics. The subject matter becomes more complex, and children are growing into young adults with difficulties to overcome – whether that’s figuring out what comes after graduation, working through relationships, or experiencing a first-time job. All these components come together to make dedicated time for schoolwork even more of a challenge. Fortunately, you (or your student) don’t need to figure everything out alone. At Tutor Doctor, we’re here to provide the support that helps you reach goals and gain confidence.

As your GCSEs loom nearer, set yourself up for success by making time for private tutoring. We offer both in-person and online sessions depending on your preference, providing support for:

  • Revisiting subject content
  • Creating a study schedule
  • Working through exam techniques
  • Filling knowledge gaps
  • Minimizing exam anxiety

Beyond gearing up for the GCSEs, the tutors we work with also help students hone Executive Function Skills or X-Skills. These mental skills include:

  • Working memory
  • Flexible thinking
  • Self-control
  • Focused attention
  • Task initiation
  • Organisation
  • Impulse control

X-Skills are useful throughout our lives, helping us set goals, create plans, and follow-through.

Tutor Doctor’s Personalised Process

We understand that the classroom setting is not always enough to bring students to their full potential. That’s why we’re changing the way tutoring works – to help students make the most of their academic careers and find empowerment within.

Rather than finding a random tutor match, we take the time to discuss your personality preference, goals, and learning style. We'll use this information with an advanced algorithm to hand-select a local tutor just for you. We work with a network of more than 24,000 tutors, which means you’re certain to find a match that clicks.

To learn more or set up your complimentary consultation for a GCSE science tutor, dial (080) 001-1972 x9 today.

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