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2021 GCSE Courses

Mind The Gap!

May/June 2021 GCSE Master Classes

The last year has been a challenging time for all of us, especially for our children who are planning on sitting GCSEs this Summer 2021. Now that it is has been confirmed by the DFE that the 2021 summer series of GCSE’s and A Levels will go ahead, we are reintroducing our successful Year 11 Master Classes to ensure students have the best possible understanding of subject matter and exam technique, so they can bring their A-game to their mocks and final exams.

These intensive one or two-week short courses will give a broad and in-depth exploration of the major GCSE topics for Maths, English and Science. Available at both Foundation and Higher level where applicable, over a range of dates to suit you our Summer 2021 GCSE Master Classes are here over the festive break to make sure that your child can maintain momentum and achieve their true potential this Summer.

  • Our lessons are live, meaning that your children can interact with our tutors
  • We use a unique and bespoke online tutoring platform, Bramble, which allows your children to type, draw and upload files
  • Each lesson is automatically recorded and sent to you, giving access to high-quality revision material for the future
  • By using small teaching groups (maximum of four), we make sure that every child gets the attention they deserve
  • All our courses are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are currently teaching the curriculum
  • We are happy to tailor courses if you have a small group of students with other families you may know
  • Maths

    Bringing your children up to speed with all the core
    mathematical concepts:



    Ratio, proportion and rates of change

    Geometry and measures

    Probability and Statistics

    Our Master Classes are available at both Foundation and Higher levels

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    Targeted for Year 11

    Price: £99
    Includes 6 x 1 hour tutorials

  • English Language

    Exam Focused lessons:

    Close Analysis of Language and Structure

    Responding to a Statement:
    How to Evaluate Language

    Descriptive Writing:
    Creating the Perfect Narrative

    Working with Two Sources:
    Producing a Summary of Key Differences

    Working with Two Sources:
    Producing Detailed Comparisons

    Strategic Writing:
    Creating the Perfect Argument

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    Targeted for Year 11

    Price: £99
    Includes 6 x 1 hour tutorials

  • Science

    Science Master Classes supports student studies in Single Sciences or Trilogy Awards
    (same content at appropriate level)
    and will also cover key practical elements of the syllabus.

    Chemistry – Two Sessions
    Atoms, bonding and moles

    Biology – Two Sessions
    Cells and organisation

    Physics – Two Sessions
    Energy and resources

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    Targeted for Year 11

    Price: £99
    Includes 6 x 1 hour tutorials