About Our Northwest Leeds Private Tutoring Services

Attentive Instruction & Support for Students of All Ages

If your student is not having a great time in school, there is nothing wrong with the student — the problem is probably with the way class is being conducted. So many students of all ages, right up to people in university courses, do not learn well in traditional classroom settings. Tutor Doctor Northwest Leeds acknowledges as much, and so we have come up with a way to create personalised lesson plans and custom tutoring sessions to meet the unique needs of every pupil in Northwest Leeds. Backed by 15+ years of company experience, Tutor Doctor is the first name in specialised, in-home tutoring services.

What Makes Our Leeds Tutoring Services Unique?

Our tutors in Leeds understand that memorisation, critical thinking, pattern recognition, and many more skills all play a major role in education, yet most traditional schools do not recognise their importance. Tutor Doctor Northwest Leeds works with expert local tutors who embrace all the key factors of education and learning, not just picking up a book and taking exams.

Important skills your student can develop with the help of a personal tutor in Leeds include:

  • Goal-directed persistence
  • Impulse control
  • Organisation and notetaking
  • Sustained attention and focus
  • Task initiation and follow-through
  • Time management

With our help and coordination, you can team up your student with a carefully chosen local tutor. Each instruction we choose to pair with each student is someone we trust to fit the exact needs of that student. The in-home tutoring environment encourages comfort and self-confidence that will reach into their schooling, as well as far beyond into their professional futures.

A Note from the Owner

I’m Mike from Tutor Doctor, we are a home tutoring service that will match your student’s need to a suitable tutor. We are now operating across Leeds so we can help you find the right tutor.

I have worked for 15 years in Further Education as a Tutor, Manager and Head of Department and I have set up this service to help target support where it is really needed.

I am looking for families who require a tutor (any subject, any level) and will offer a free education consultation where we can discuss the required tutoring, if appropriate, assess the student and then recommend the pathway to success.

If you are interested in speaking to me further or in booking a free education consultation, please get in touch.

Get more information about Tutor Doctor Northwest Leeds. Dial 0113 4678193 to begin with a complimentary consultation.