Our Story

Qualified Private Tutoring Services Since 2000

Around the year 2000, John Hooi saw an issue with the way children received tutoring. Many programmes provided tutoring in a classroom setting, ignoring the fact that classroom settings cause problems for many students. The anxiety, the stress, and the fear of failure in a crowded classroom can (and often does) inhibit students from learning effectively. As a solution to the problems he saw, John Hooi founded Tutor Doctor. His approach was received so well by students and their families, he expanded Tutor Doctor into a franchise in 2003. Today, we continue to offer professional home tuition to students of all ages, all subjects, and all learning levels.

Our Mission & Values

In order to provide a consistent level of service and attention throughout all of our locations, Tutor Doctor is committed to upholding common values and working towards a common goal.

Mission: We believe that everyone can learn and that Tutor Doctor can greatly impact the lives of students around the world, delivering greater self-esteem and academic performance.

Additionally, our values continue to set us apart from the competition. Each of our locations strives to uphold these values, instilling them in our tutors, our staff, and even our students.

Take a look at our values:

  • Our People: We uphold respectful relationships among our staff and value the strengths of each individual. Together, we are an impactful force in the field of education.
  • Education & Personal Growth: Curiosity is a key ingredient to all that we do. We constantly evaluate our performance, looking for new questions and new answers along our way.
  • Commitment to Innovation: We aren’t stuck in a rut. We are trailblazers in the tutoring industry, seeking to maximize the results our students experience.
  • Work Ethic: As a team, Tutor Doctor thrives in working together to accomplish goals. We put enormous amounts of effort into everything we do and strive to maintain great work ethic.
  • Entrepreneurship: Each team member is dedicated to bring efficiency, profitability, and value to our stakeholders. We encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship at Tutor Doctor.
  • Accountability: We are willing to accept responsibility for all that we do. By taking ownership of our actions, we can capably overcome obstacles and achieve results.
  • Making a Difference: Success is not measured only by profit, but also by the tangible difference we make in the lives of our students through tutoring and through our community outreach.

These values are contagious and have enabled Tutor Doctor to expand across the globe and serve more and more students with our home-tutoring programmes.

World-Class Tutoring on a Worldwide Scale

For more than 15 years, Tutor Doctor has served over 200,000 students in 17 countries. Our tutors are highly trained in the educational standards of every country and region we provide service, ensuring that our pupils are equipped to succeed. Each of our students is matched on a personal and academic level to the best tutor for them—helping them become the confident learners we know they can be.

We offer free home consultations to assess your student’s academic needs and learning style. Call 0800 011 9729 to schedule an appointment with our team today.