Social Sciences Tuition

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Social science introduces the broad study of human society and social relationships. It serves as a knowledge foundation at the early stages of education that will later build into subjects such as political science or anthropology. Mastering this subject is vital to developing a well-rounded education.

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That is why Tutor Doctor offers multiple social science tutoring programmes for your student. Students can choose from A Level sociology tutoring, public speaking, history tutoring and more. All of these programmes are offered in the form of private, or online tutoring sessions.

Tutor Doctor understands that not all students learn social science the same—we assess learning patterns and match students with a tutor to fit that style. Our method of individually matching each student with a tutor ensures compatibility between student and instructor, allowing for a more productive, natural, and customised education. The result is a more enjoyable learning experience and higher marks.

What Makes Us the Right Tutor for You & Your Family?

  • Our plans are tailored to your child’s learning style.
  • Tutors are specifically matched with students.
  • We collaborate with teachers for optimal results.
  • We offer flexible scheduling and in-home convenience.

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