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At Tutor Doctor, we know first-hand that one of the most important components of student success is access to tailored, one-to-one teaching and instruction. More than that, a student needs the right tutor for their specific academic goals and struggles, personality, and learning style. We make sure to find professional tutors that don’t just have the right qualifications on paper, but have a passion for what they do and possess excellent people skills. We want tutors who can build relationships with students and help them feel comfortable and cared for during sessions.

What Does It Take to Be a Tutor with Tutor Doctor?

The tutors we match you with don’t just teach your child a subject; they teach them skills to overcome all educational obstacles. That is why they must go through a rigorous process to be part of our tutoring team!

We recruit the best tutors with a three-step approach.

  1. We hire based on skill. We use a five-phase recruitment process, including face-to-face interviews, background and DBS checks, and calling upon references to ensure tutors have the skills and experience to teach Tutor Doctor students with excellence.
  2. We hire based on humanity. There is more to a tutor than skill. We care a lot about personability. In other words, we only partner with tutors who we would want tutoring our own children.
  3. We equip tutors for success. With ongoing professional development, support, thorough quality controls, and intentional customer feedback tracking, we equip and assess tutors as they grow. If anyone doesn’t live up to our rigorous standards, we stop partnering with them.

This multi-step process ensures only the best of the best are able to tutor your child!

How are Tutors Matched with Students?

Having highly qualified, background-checked tutors is the lowest bar an educational company should meet. Beyond the basics, we carefully match local tutors based on things like personality, interests, and related experience.

In other words, we select tutors who students look forward to seeing and spending time with every week. Then, we provide a summary report after each tuition session so you can see how things are going, and we can make sure we have the right fit

What Makes the Tutors Different?

Not every academic professional is cut out to be a tutor—much less a member of Tutor Doctor’s team. We look for individuals that possess the academic knowledge needed to teach students and the personal skills needed to connect with them. Tutors with Tutor Doctor are people we’d be happy bringing home to mum.

They are passionate about working with students and helping them improve their educational experience. They are collaborative, working closely with parents and teachers to keep everyone informed about a student’s progress and needed support. Plus, they are consistent. You can rely on your tutors to show up on time and on schedule—whenever is most convenient for you.

Proud Members of The Tutors’ Association

The tutors we recommend not only have access to continual professional development opportunities to enhance their skills, but our offices are all bound by the Professional Code of Practice for Corporate members. This ensures a certain level of service and responsibility throughout our network across the UK.

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One-on-One Tutoring Tailored For You

Tutor Doctor works to match you with the perfect tutor for your individual academic needs. We start by assessing your academic goals and objectives, then work to find a qualified tutor who can help you reach them. Our team of experienced tutors has expertise in many subjects, from math and science to language arts and foreign languages. With Tutor Doctor’s one-on-one approach, each session is tailored specifically to you—your learning style, skill level, schedule, budget, and more. We are committed to helping you reach your academic goals!