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We are committed to working with schools and local authorities to provide one-to-one and small-group tutoring to students. We make the process of integrating tutoring in your school as simple, quick and straightforward as possible.

Our process is designed to adapt to any unique needs or environment. We meet you where you need us.

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Step 1: Scoping and Planning

We believe in a collaborative approach to ensure effective tutoring for schools.

It begins with a meeting with key members of the school or local authority. In this meeting, we discuss the specific tutoring requirements of your school and understand the unique educational needs of your students.

We then agree on a plan that outlines our next steps forward in the specific case of your school. This tailored approach ensures we work in harmony with your school’s schedule and practices, maximising the benefits of our tutoring services for your students.

Step 2: Gathering Information

Once we have a good understanding of the plan, we initiate our process with a crucial meeting with other key members of your school such as teachers. This allows us to get a better understanding of the needs of individual pupils, their set groups, and key academic details that will help us provide the best tutoring programme for their individual needs. We can delve into target grades and consider recent assessment marks such as mock exams to gain a comprehensive understanding of each student’s academic standing.

Following this, we meet with the students themselves, opening a dialogue about their specific problems with the subject and understanding their personal learning styles. We confirm the work, textbooks, and other resources in use, ensuring our tutoring aligns seamlessly with the school curriculum. This thoughtful, student-centred approach is what sets our approach apart, fostering a tailored learning environment where every child can flourish.

Step 3: Finalising Plan

Our tutoring for schools in the UK ensures transparency and safety at every step. We issue our tutors’ details to your school and diligently check their Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) status, agreeing on any re-applications needed.

We craft timetables and individual tuition plans outlining the topics to be covered in each session and consult with the teachers to ensure that we are in sync with the curriculum.

In some cases, we may conduct an introductory assembly to present the objectives and expectations of Tutor Doctor tuition to the students. This encourages a clear understanding and fosters a shared vision of academic success among the students, setting the stage for effective and engaging learning experiences.

It also allows them the chance to ask any questions that they may have.

Step 4: Tuition Sessions

Our tutors produce weekly reports detailing progress and attendance, which are then sent to the teachers. This consistent reporting allows us to closely monitor each student’s advancement and adjust our strategies as needed.

We often facilitate regular meetings with teachers to gather their valuable feedback. This two-way communication enables us to adapt and refine tuition plans, ensuring they remain effective and in line with each student’s evolving needs. Through this rigorous approach, we ensure our tutoring always supports and enhances the learning journey of every student.

Step 5: Review

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality tutoring for schools involves a continuous process of reflection and improvement. We actively seek feedback from students, teachers, and administrators, considering a variety of perspectives to assess the effectiveness of our tutoring services.

We evaluate if the objectives set at the start have been achieved, and identify what aspects of our tutoring programme have worked well. More importantly, we also discern what could be done differently, striving to enhance our services based on this feedback.

This reflective approach ensures that our tutoring remains adaptive, dynamic, and focused on maximising academic success for all students.

Hear From Our Satisfied School Representatives

“Tutor Doctor has been fantastic with supporting a student who was unfortunately unable to attend school. The way the tutor was able to have discussions regarding general life and still be able to refocus the student to learn new maths skills was brilliant.”

- Ashley Yeomans Assistant Principal at Sawtry Village Academy

“We highly value our collaboration with Tutor Doctor in supporting our students to achieve their potential. We have always found Tutor Doctor to be friendly, professional, and adaptable to the varying needs of the students, as well as our needs as an institution. We have been ...

- Alexa Minett, Head of English, Parkside Community College, Cambridge

His attendance was incredibly low and when in school did not engage at all... (he) would close down, be unable to communicate and would focus on playing games in his phone. The general consensus was that this student would not be able to be reached by Tutor Doctor or any other ...

- Kelly Wilshire, SENDCo, Neale-Wade Academy

“This was the first time that we have been involved with an external tutoring company. I was really pleased with how it worked out; Tutor Doctor was able to deal with the complexities of tricky timings, nine different tutors, managing communications between the school and the ...

- Mrs Clare Hargraves, Head of Maths, Chesterton Community College

“Every year we explore new options with regard to tuition. The original plan was for just one-to-one tuition, which then evolved into group sessions; some with same ability students but others without. This year we hope to work together on an even bigger project that sees ...

- Wesley Lewis, Bishop Stopford School

“Tutor Doctor Cambridge has been part of the County Alternative Education Provision Directory for more than a year and are at the highest provider level 4. They already work with students from more than six schools in and around Cambridge as well as a number of students not ...

- Anna Wahlandt, County Alternative Education Provision Manager, Netherhall School