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At Tutor Doctor – UK, we realise that not all students learn the same way. We offer personalised services to cater to each student’s learning style. During our initial consultation, we will assess your needs and learning patterns. This information will help us find the perfect match to suit your academic goals and needs.

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One-on-one sessions tend to be more fruitful and organic when a tutor and pupil share compatible sensibilities. Our tutors do everything to make the learning process fun and exciting. We want every student to crave knowledge and a deeper understanding of history.

Experienced & Qualified Tutors

Our tutors pull from a wide breadth of knowledge to deliver memorable lessons and meaningful advice. History is a dynamic subject – chronicling the lives of significant politicians, world-altering events, and various contributions to civilisation. We are eager to help you think critically by analyzing past events and their causes and consequences.

Tutor Doctor is the perfect place to find a qualified and experienced history tutor. Our team is comprised of experts in their fields, with a variety of experience levels, from GCSE to A Level. Our tutors have the knowledge and the skills to help you achieve your academic goals.

Whether you’re looking for help with a specific topic, or need assistance in brushing up on your overall history knowledge, our history tutors can provide the right support. Our tutors are experienced in teaching both GCSE and A Level history, and will work with you to create a unique learning plan that meets your individual needs.

We provide history tutors who can cover various fields and points of emphasis within the subject – from European history to American history. If desired, we will outline a comprehensive survey of historic topics starting in ancient civilization and moving toward modern times.

We realise history is a subject that can lead to many professional paths, including:

  • Museum Archivist
  • Historian
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • And more!

An Unorthodox Approach to Tutoring

Traditional history lessons focus strictly on memorization. Students are crammed full of irrelevant dates and events and expected to retain a long list of facts with little context. These lists are important but secondary to the grand themes and moral stories of history. By highlighting the significance of past events and showing how history impacts the present day, we go above and beyond to make the subject matter as fascinating as possible.

Our primary aim is to motivate students to care about history. We understand that sparking your curiosity will dramatically accelerate the learning curve. We also instill the timeless values of hard work, persistence, and accountability: Encouraging our students to stay focused and disciplined when studying. Sustaining prolonged spans of concentration is not always easy. Providing extra support and a boost of self-esteem, we are here to build a strong foundation of positive study habits.

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