11-plus / Common Entrance Tutors

Qualified Private Tuition & Exam Preparation at Home

As students pass from primary school to secondary school, many will need to undergo an interview process that includes an entrance exam. This exam will cover Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning in order to formally assess your child’s academic skills. For students at 13 years old, the test will also include Geography, History, and Science.

This test will also assess a student’s ability to manage their time, reason through questions, and manage their anxiety during an exam. It will test a student’s academic skills as well as their academic discipline (something we call “X-Skills”). Since 2000, the private tutors we work with have helped students develop competence in both of these areas through highly customised tutoring programmes designed to be implemented from the comforts of home.

Certified 11+ and Common Entrance Tutors

Each of the tutors with Tutor Doctor are extensively trained in local educational standards, as well as the expectations set by the Department for Education. As a result, we can tailor tutoring to meet your child’s learning style while ensuring that they are highly prepared for their Common Entrance Exam. If local schools require learning in a specialised subject (e.g. Latin or another language), we can help with that too.

All 11+ and Common Entrance tutors we work with are certified to help students prepare for these exams and assessments. We connect you with experienced tutors who can make a tangible difference in your student’s confidence levels, study skills, and overall performance. With a programme that is tailor-fit to your student’s needs and academic level, we believe that success is possible.

Applying Test Preparation to Other Academic Areas

Our coaching can also help students in areas well beyond this exam. For example, we utilise sample test questions to help students think through what each question is asking. This type of comprehension is crucial to every area of life—we are simply applying it to the Common Entrance Exam. We also help students manage their time and consider the test as a whole, preventing them from getting stuck on a single question.