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In-Home Private Tuition for Special Needs Students

Set Your Child Up for Success with the Right Tools

At Tutor Doctor, we call students with special needs exceptional students. The term exceptional celebrates students’ differences, includes all learners who need additional support in school, and is quickly becoming the preferred term in educational circles.

In a study conducted by the Center of Parent Information and Resources, it was discovered that one-to-one tuition is profoundly beneficial for students with unique learning needs. At Tutor Doctor, we know exceptional students can succeed given the right tools and personalised attention - which is exactly what our tutoring programme aims to provide.

At-Home or Online Tutoring Provided by Accredited Tutors

When you work with us, the tutors we work with come to you - wherever you are, whenever is convenient for you. After matching your child with a handpicked tutor, our goal is to fill in the missing gaps in your child’s knowledge, provide them with the skills necessary to be independent learners, and to help boost their confidence by allowing them to grow in a comfortable learning environment.

The tutors we work with have experience working alongside students of all ages, including those with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tutor Doctor is the leading private tutoring agency for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, offering one-on-one tutoring that’s tailored to your student’s unique strengths and weaknesses—helping them achieve success in school.


For children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, school can be quite challenging due to the number of distractions presented in the classroom. Working with one of our ADHD tutors can help you work towards combating these challenges, learning new skills to stay focused, and getting the one-on-one attention needed to supplement their current curriculum.

Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders

Students with auditory process disorder, commonly referred to as APD, can have a hard time taking in information verbally. Because of this, the traditional classroom setting can prove to be less than effective. We can work with your fully capable student to discover new ways of learning and make sure they continue to stay on track.

Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

While it’s commonly diagnosed in children who may also have autism and ADHD, having non-verbal learning disabilities can make it difficult to process visual and spatial information, two things that are important in the classroom. Regardless of the subject, our tutors can help you and your NLVD child create a personalised tutoring plan to help them reach their goals!

Language Based Learning Disabilities

Language based learning disabilities, referred to as LBLDs, cause problems with students being able to handle age-appropriate reading, spelling, and/or writing. Students with LBLD can also have trouble communicating and listening to new information. The tutors we work with can implement visual aids, provide extra practice, and rely on multisensory approaches to help your student reach their full potential.

Deafness or Hard of Hearing

A child who has a hard time hearing or is completely deaf may have a hard time relating to language and communication in the classroom, which are two important aspects of the educational process. To make sure your student is getting the extra assistance they need to prevent falling behind, Tutor Doctor will create a customised learning programme that can be implemented via private one-on-one sessions. We work with a variety of tutors, some of which know British Sign Language, to better communicate with your child.

Blindness or Partially Sighted

If your student is blind or partially sighted, it’s important to find help in their academics. Having additional one-on-one time outside of the traditional classroom can help close knowledge gaps, provide a safe place to answer any questions, as well as provide a chance to work with a tutor that specialises in teaching students who are visually impaired.

Customised Learning Programmes for Exceptional Students

Many exceptional students have classroom support programmes in place to level the academic playing field and allow them fair and equal access to education. Tutor Doctor ensures our tutoring is aligned with these programmes. You and your child are your child’s best advocates and know your child’s strengths, needs, and goals. We encourage self-advocacy and you will always have a say in the support we provide your child. We will work together to create the right educational framework to help your child succeed.

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