Tutoring For Schools Empowers Students of All Backgrounds!

At Tutor Doctor, we understand that a growing number of students require personalised attention outside mainstream classrooms. We’re committed to helping Local Authorities and schools bridge the gap to meet the precise educational needs of every student in their care.

We recognise that every child learns differently, and it’s our mission to ensure that every student has access to the personalised support they need to thrive academically. We are dedicated to bridging gaps, enriching knowledge, and fostering an environment where learning is an exciting journey rather than a daunting task.

We can help schools that are looking for:

  • One-to-one, personalised tuition for SEND (including ASD and SEMH exasperated by COVID) and disadvantaged students (through Pupil Premium and other funding)
  • Intervention programmes for students who can’t or don’t attend school, including online tuition where lessons are recorded and available to review
  • Small group tutoring for revision or catch up
  • Executive functioning and study skill development
  • Extra subjects and high achieving students that need additional attention
  • After-school tuition to support students in their day-to-day learning

Why Should We Partner for School Tuition?

We take a flexible and personalised approach.

Before we start tutoring, we consult with the schools we work with to learn about where they are struggling and where they could use some support. We also speak with the teachers and parents to get a better understanding of the needs and scope.

From there, we build out a tailored education plan for the school to provide adequate support to participating students.

We have local expertise.

Tutor Doctor is a national organisation that is locally owned and operated. That means each Tutor Doctor office understands your local curriculum and works closely with local authorities, schools and virtual heads to build a cohesive team to give students the education and support they deserve.

Our owners live and work in your community. If you need anything during the school tuition programme, each local owner is just a phone call away.

We have highly-qualified tutors.

Our tutors are skilled and highly qualified to teach in their subject matter. We can accommodate one-to-one tuition and small group tuition for a variety of different subjects. We go through a robust matching process to ensure that the tutor is an expert in the required subject matter, and that meshes well with the student or small group.

All of our tutors are at a minimum, DBS checked.