Complaints Procedure



A concern may be defined as ‘an expression of worry or doubt over an issue considered to be important for which reassurances are sought’.


A complaint may be defined as ‘an expression of dissatisfaction however made, about actions taken or a lack of action’. These include allegations against a member of staff working for Tutor Doctor.

It is in everyone’s interest that concerns and complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage. Many issues can be resolved informally, without the need to use the formal stages of the complaints’ procedure. Tutor Doctor takes concerns seriously and will make every effort to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

If people would like to raise their concerns formally, Tutor Doctor will attempt to resolve the issue internally, through the stages outlined within this complaints’ procedure.

How to raise a concern or make a complaint

A concern or complaint can be made in person, in writing or by telephone, within 30 days of the issue arising. These should be directed to the particular Tutor Doctor office responsible for the tuition.

For ease of use, a template complaint form is included at the end of this procedure.

Scope of this Complaints Procedure – Exceptions

This procedure covers all complaints about any provision of tuition by Tutor Doctor other than complaints that are dealt with under other statutory procedures, including those listed below.

ExceptionsWho to contact
Matters likely to require a Child Protection InvestigationComplaints about child protection matters are handled under our child protection and safeguarding policy. If you have serious concerns, you may wish to contact the local authority designated officer (LADO).
WhistleblowingFollow the internal whistleblowing procedure.
National Curriculum – contentPlease contact the Department for Education at:

Resolving complaints

At each stage in the procedure, Tutor Doctor wants to resolve the complaint. If appropriate, we will acknowledge that the complaint is upheld in whole or in part. In addition, we may offer one or more of the following:

  • an explanation
  • an admission that the situation could have been handled differently or better
  • an assurance that we will try to ensure the event complained of will not recur
  • an explanation of the steps that have been or will be taken to help ensure that it will not happen again and an indication of the timescales within which any changes will be made
  • an undertaking to review policies in light of the complaint if required
  • an apology if required.

Withdrawal of a Complaint

If a complainant wants to withdraw their complaint, we will ask them to confirm this in writing.

Stage 1

The Tutor Doctor office will record the date the complaint is received and will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing (either by letter or email) within 5 working days. Within this response, the Tutor Doctor office will seek to clarify the nature of the complaint, ask what remains unresolved and what outcome the complainant would like to see.

During this time, the Tutor Doctor office will:

  • if necessary, interview those involved in the matter and/or those complained of, allowing them to be accompanied if they wish
  • keep a written record of any meetings/interviews in relation to the complaint.

At the conclusion of their investigation, the Tutor Doctor office will provide a formal written response within 10 working days of the date of receipt of the complaint. If the Tutor Doctor office is unable to meet this deadline, they will provide the complainant with an update and revised response date. The response will detail any actions taken to investigate the complaint and provide a full explanation of the decision made and the reason(s) for it. Where appropriate, it will include details of actions Tutor Doctor office will take to resolve the complaint. The office will advise the complainant of how to escalate their complaint should they remain dissatisfied with the outcome of Stage 1.

Stage 2

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome at Stage 1 and wishes to take the matter further, they can escalate the complaint to Stage 2 – a meeting with Tutor Doctor. This is the final stage of the complaints’ procedure.

A request to escalate to Stage 2 must be made to the Tutor Doctor office, within 5 working days of receipt of the Stage 1 response. The office will record the date the complaint is received and acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing (either by letter or email) within 5 working days.

Requests received outside of this time frame will only be considered if exceptional circumstances apply. The office will write to the complainant to inform them of the date of the meeting. They will aim to convene a meeting within 10 working days of receipt of the Stage 2 request. Tutor Doctor will provide the complainant with a full response to the complaint and the reason(s) for it, in writing, within another 5 working days. The response will also advise the complainant of how to escalate their complaint to Tutor Doctor Home Office should they remain dissatisfied.

Complaint Form

Please complete and return to your local Tutor Doctor office who will acknowledge receipt and explain what action will be taken.

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