Meet the Owner

Tutor Doctor Wanstead Loughton Chingford Chigwell

Ash Obhrai

local WLC branch manager

Ash comes from a background of educators and examiners – his father is a GCSE Maths Examiner, mother is an Art & Design examiner for GCSE/A-level and brother is a Director of Studies at a college in West London. He lives in East London with his wife, 7 year old son and a small dog (Pomeranian teacup).

Ash graduated with a M.Eng in Electronic Engineering with Medical Electronics from UCL in 2002 and continued with Microsoft Certifications. He embarked on his professional career across various industries including credit risk, merchant acquirer banking, retail and traveller marketing. Ash left Global Blue as an International Key Account Manager in 2015, managing global luxury retailers like Burberry, Richemont, Jimmy Choo, Samsonite and Versace for over 7 years, to commit his life journey to making a difference in the trajectory of student’s lives.

Having over 15 years of tutoring experience alongside his corporate roles, Ash has the passion to help students achieve their true potential. His career background across multiple industries and departments led him to consider running a Tutor Doctor branch successfully.

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Incorporating a 12 step interview process, our branch now has over 100 local tutors across surrounding areas. Most of our families are happy with us because we believe that each child is unique. Our free consultation process allows us to understand each child’s requirements and match the right tutor to each child’s needs and personality.

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