Meet Our Team

Tutor Doctor Bury St. Edmunds

Christopher Bramwell


After a successful career in technology-based businesses spanning over 30 years, Chris decided that his next challenge would be to help build the Tutor Doctor business in and around Bury St. Edmunds and Sudbury.

His passion for making a difference in education grew enormously based on the charity work he started in 2020 to modernise the technology of over 500 schools, making a significant difference to the way in which learning could be conducted by these schools. During this time, Chris realised that he could make a bigger difference in education by helping students find smarter ways of learning, especially those that didn’t feel as if they were able to meet their full potential.

Having found it extremely difficult to find good and reliable tutors for his own children at various stages of their education, Chris has often tutored them himself based on his strong academic background. He has always felt that a good tutor is one that really wants to understand the best way that each of their students is able to learn most productively.

When Chris bumped into Tutor Doctor, it became clear to him very quickly that helping to build the Bury St. Edmunds business would be an extremely worthwhile thing to do, especially as Tutor Doctor prides itself in being part of the local community. Tutor Doctor’s approach of focussing on the delivery of learning programmes rather than just providing ad hoc hours on-line really appealed to Chris, who is convinced that this is the best way to make a lasting difference to the knowledge and skills of a student.

He’d love to speak to you about how Tutor Doctor Bury St. Edmunds can help you. Please feel free to give him a call, and if you see him around town please stop him to say ‘Hi!’