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Tutor Doctor Wembley Harrow Ruislip is dedicated to eliminating the knowledge gap that occurs in standardised classrooms. Too often, the core curriculum in classes do not accommodate different learning styles, and with teachers having too many pupils, it can be difficult to provide the individual attention a student needs. The skilled Harrow tutors we work with offer one to one sessions where your child can learn from the comfort of their own home.

The Tutor Doctor Process:

  • Assess – We carefully assess a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. We also determine their educational goals.
  • Match – Each student is matched with a tutor who complements their personality and academic interests. We create close tutor-pupil connections based on respect and trust.
  • Tutor – We connect you with tutors who create customised lesson plans that incorporated your child’s current curriculum, so they can learn they can learn to apply the knowledge they obtain.
  • Support – We provide parents with weekly progress reports to keep them involved in their child’s academic journey.

Find out why 95% of our past clients would recommend us to their friends and family. Dial 0203 856 4227 for effective tutoring services in Harrow and start seeing marked improvements in your child’s scores.