About Our Tutoring Service in Peterborough & March

Over 200,000 Students Helps – Will Your Child Be Next?

Because not all students learn in the same manner, many are left at a disadvantage in a standardized classroom. Our founder, John Hooi, realized this caused a knowledge gap, with students who were unable to keep up falling behind. That is why he created Tutor Doctor in 2000. We offer personalised tutoring services in Peterborough. After a careful assessment, each pupil is matched with a tutor who complements their personality, learning styles, and academic goals. We are committed to closing the education gap and do so with pride, integrity, and resolve.

Some of our values include:

  • Work Ethic – Our Peterborough tutors work tirelessly to ensure your child understands the materials and develops strong study habits.
  • Our People – We hire trustworthy, dedicated individuals to join our team. We foster strong relationships and support one another.
  • Education & Personal Growth – We are committed to helping students learn and grow. This goes beyond book knowledge and encompasses skills and habits.
  • Accountability – Our work is transparent. Through weekly reports, constant communication, and hard work, we ensure everyone is accountable for their roles.
  • Making a Difference – Our main passion is to make a difference in a child’s life. We are here to ensure students receive the support and encouragement they need to grow.

If you find your child is falling behind in class, turn to Tutor Doctor Peterborough. Our in-home tutors are ready to help your child on their journey to academic excellence.

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