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  • Tailored to the individual child

    Kate C.
  • We were very happy with the level of service provided by Tutor Doctor, from the initial assessment meeting where our coordinated took care and time to listen to our sons concerns and requirements, through matching him with the right tutors and then with the professionalism of the tutors delivering his sessions.

    Caroline G.
  • Great Tutor would highly recommend

    Jane S.
  • It helped my son immensely. He was really struggling st school and the tutoring helped push his grades up a lot.

    Louise L.
  • Well rounded teachers

    Caroline D.
  • It's flexible, personal and tailored to the child's individual needs. Katie has responded well to both her tutors and had great results

    Susan M.
  • Our tutor is attentive, current in his approach. He puts our son at ease and encourages confidence . Our sons development is completely visible.

    Susan G.
  • I love the fact the tuitions are prepared and carried out to suit the individual student. There is also communication between the tutor and the school teacher which is extremely valuable when trying to move the student forward. In our experience the tuitions were arranged very quickly following a personal chat and all our concerns were addressed. We are very happy with both our tutors, my daughter ...

    Dasha B.
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  • My son has been getting on very well with Alok,and finds him really helpful.we would use Tutor doctor again for our daughter

    Marion T.
  • initial consultation with both myself and daughter, honesty with assessment and feedback, efficiency, and have already shared with colleagues.

    Robyn S.
  • Helen is a lovely tutor, so supportive of our son. He is well prepared for his English GCSE and since working with her, has raised his mock grade from a G to an A! We are always well informed of his progress in sessions and they are structured around his needs, so there is lots of flexibility. His exam technique (how to focus on answering the question and how to structure his thoughts) has ...

    Kate K.
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  • Easy to use, friendly and efficient staff, tutor is experienced and patient with my son.

    Sue D.
  • Professional and listened to what was Needed.

    Charlotte B.
  • I think the service is very good and Alex my daughters tutor is really helping Emmalrigh to progress in her Maths.

    Theresa S.
  • Professional approach, friendly and helpful. If something goes wrong, it is resolved very quickly

    Chris D.
  • The tutors always turn up at the time scheduled and have never cancelled on my son.

    Ruth L.
  • Flexible , considerate ,understanding , good tutors .

    Jane D.
  • Tailored to my daughter's needs and in our home.

    Suzanne F.
  • We like the tutor assigned to Ellie they seem to get on well and I like the feedback reports

    Jane A.
  • Very professional service. Delighted with my son's tutor. Would recommend to friends.

    Annette J.
  • Marissa is fantastic with Alexander, he loves his lessons and is retaining what he is being taught. She knows when he may not be focusing 100% and ensure she tailors the class so he gets the most out of the lesson

    Clair C.
  • The fact that the tutor is matched to your child's personality and way of working.

    Jackie C.
  • Very professional, great rapport between tutor and pupil excellent feedback received next day.

    Beverley M.
  • Good tutor ie Helen. Very friendly, good feedback the reports are very helpful to us and our son to see his development

    Steve C.
  • I think it's very important that the right tutor is picked for individual students.

    Madge C.
  • Reliable, ontime and make learning interesting.

    Laura F.
  • Fantastic, easy to set up and reliable tutor

    Louise D.
  • Tutor fabulous, feedback very helpful and support and calls very welcomed

    Sara M.
  • Friendly and very easy as tutors come to the house which makes it convenient if there are other children in the family.

    Adriana S.
  • It is a very personal service. Very friendly and our tutor is perfect for our daughter.

    Jill M.
  • Efficient and easy to access. Tutor very friendly & great with our daughter.

    Ellen H.
  • Easily arranged, and tutor is a very good match to my daughter's needs

    Annika H.
  • Very good service and excellent tutor

    Lorinda B.
  • I'd recommend any child to have a one on one tuition, my son needs it. as he's not that confidant in school.

    Tanya W.
  • I liked that Bridie was very helpful towards my daughters education and was able to improve her maths skill. Bridie was young and could relate to my daughter taking her exams and mentored her all the way through the process.

    Tracy G.
  • Excellent tutor and very efficient admin.

    Louise B.
  • TD have found exactly the right person to inspire and work with our children. Thereby achieving the results that we were hoping for. :)

    Claire R.
  • Friendly tutor, my son is enjoying the sessions and really focused.

    Steve H.
  • Seems very personal and time is taken to understand your child and requirements

    Kerst M.
  • Queries are dealt with quick and professionally.

    Lisa T.
  • is that you will put a tutor to go forward with what short fall he or she the client has so that they can go forward has to what need is require in the field has in English or maths

    Jagdish K.
  • Thorough research of the individual student and session feedback from the tutors

    Carol H.
  • Very relaible and very good teacher,i hope end of the year we will see the good results,all together

    Semir A.
  • Very happy with the tutor and the way he engaged with Ellie. Like that we got an introduction and Ellie was assessed before the Tutor came.

    Jackie A.
  • Quick response. Professionally organised. Support available when required.

    Bal F.
  • Come to yr house Tutor/pupil matching

    Theresa D.
  • They are very helpful and make sure you have the right tutor that will meet your childs needs.

    Sally D.
  • It is talilored to my child It's at home I can alternate each lesson to the subject she needs more support for

    Armani O.
  • Friendly approach and my son looks forward to seeing his tutor very much , which is what is important to me as a parent !

    Jeannette G.
  • The improvements have been vast in such a short space of time. But most importantly for us as a family the fun has been put back into literacy again! It's lovely to see our son feeling more confident in his abilities to learn. A huge thanks to Gillian and her amazing interpersonal skills at tapping into his character and her skills as a teacher, she was a great match Vivienne!

    Kristina P.
  • Initial assessment of suiting tutor to pupil. The 3 assessments to gauge what the pupil's level is. Working with the tutor to adapt session in line with what pupil is doing at school.

    Marcello F.
  • getting reports after the lessons, it runs like a business so it's very effective

    Penny S.
  • Very professional and friendly service. Thorough assessment of my daughter's requirements and consequently a good match was made with the tutor.

    Nollie C.
  • I liked that Viv spent some time with my daughter in our home getting to know her and what would benefit and was then able to find a tutor who suits her perfectly

    Krystina E.
  • Friendly service which is bespoke to the individual.

    Gill W.
  • We received efficient service and above all my daughter got along well with her tutor and she is clearly showing a big improvement in her studies.thank you so much for your help ,l am very pleased with the service.

    Zoe D.
  • From the moment we met with Vivienne at the introduction meeting we and more importantly our daughter felt comfortable with having a tutor to help with the final weeks of revision and focus before GCSE commenced. Mel the tutor was understanding to our daughters needs and worked with her during explainations rather than just telling her. I wish had it sooner!

    Mark L.
  • Initially getting to know the students, how they learn and what type of teacher/teaching they respond to best, then matching them with the right tutor.

    Debbie C.
  • professional, caring and understanding of individual childrens needs and abilities.praise and confidence building so children want to learn xxxx

    Jemma D.
  • Quick, efficient

    Sharron P.
  • The initial interview regarding suitably and checking what was required. I particularly liked this as I felt it protected the client and the tutor. The clarity with which the terms and conditiobs were explained. The matching of student and tutor. the excellence of the tutor who took on the jov. Extremely intelligent with a quiet but persuavive manner. Ezcellent all round.

    Chris H.
  • very competent and brings the best out of the child

    Louise M.
  • I like the fact that the children were personally interviewed so they could be matched to a tutor of similar personalties. Any problems I have had Vivienne is there on the end of the phone to reassure me. The tutors are extremely friendly and have built a great relationship with my children. I highly recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone who is looking to give their children that extra boost.

    David K.
  • very personal and friendly

    Debbie T.
  • Reliable and polite tutor. Skilled at assessing students needs. Works well with student.

    Sally C.
  • Fina is very profissional, very good tutor.

    Patricia S.
  • Professional, kept informed, kept updated. Tutor excellent, feedback excellent. Can highly recommend. Karen Farrant Hertfordshire

    Karen F.
  • the ease of finding a tutor for my daughter. The session have been very positive and my daughter has come away feeling calmer. The feeding back from each session is helpful as I can then talk to my daughter about each session.

    Natalie M.
  • I liked the way it was very focused on what Kieran needed, which was intensive revision leading up to his gcse. The interaction the tutor has with my sons teacher has also been very helpful.

    Christine R.
  • Very personal matching of tutor to student. Great tutor

    Zoe H.
  • I have already recommended you to a friend,very happy with all to one works well,and relaxed atmosphere at home. Payment process good.student is now in routine and happy.

    Dominic F.
  • Managed to ascertain my daughters needs very quickly and then to utilize the correct teacher for her! I also like the feedback notes sent after each session which allows me to share this Mia too!! I am so happy with this service!! I wish I knew about it years ago.

    Fiona W.
  • Tutor is approachable, flexible, supportive and patient.

    Jamie T.
  • Efficient, helpful and patient

    Jonathan B.
  • our tutor is very easy to talk to,friendly and you can tell how much effort she puts into our sons sessions,which is lovely to see,and nothing is rushed,and she's really starting to get to know all the family,so service is great.

    Leanne W.
  • Thoroughly investigate where the child is in relation to their needs. Tutor is friendly and polite and always on time. A very professional service.

    Lisa T.
  • Very good match of tutors, real professional commitment and interest, always on time.

    Caroline M.
  • Great communication

    Maxine H.
  • The Tutor we have is very knowledgeable

    Karen B.
  • Lynn really seemed to engage with my son at our initial meeting and clearly took time to find a tutor that she thought would be a good fit as Cath is exactly what he needed.

    Yvonne T.
  • I think everything is very professionally handled. The company take time to listen to your needs and then fit one of their tutors to you depending on your learning methods/what your require. Its a personal touch that allows you to personalise your learning.

    Phil M.
  • lovely to have someone come to your home, i think it makes the child feel safe. and i love the fact they work with the childs school. so u are getting the right help for your child,

    Uschi V.
  • Barbara is fantastic! She has tapered her classes to Annabella's needs and she is thriving! We are very pleased.

    Samantha B.
  • Very professional organisation who have been able to match the appropriate tutor with our requested requirements. Respond immediately when contacted when questions arise.

    Peter P.
  • Punctual, polite, get feedback every session verbal and written. I can discuss best use of tutors time with tutor who is flexible enough to match the needs of my son. Quality tuition and his grades are improving, albeit incrementally its still an improvement.

    Denise A.
  • The tutor spends their own time researching information to help the student. I like the fact that the Tutor Doctor has rules as standard. For example they like the teacher to research information to help the student, ask them to set homework tasks to see students progress etc. This shows potential students that the teachers are monitored to give a better service.

    Anita S.
  • Tutor relates very well to my son. He's more than 'just' a tutor- he's a role model.

    Karl M.
  • Easy to setup. Friendly, organised and reliable tutor. Son is learning a lot.

    Debbie B.
  • I like how Viv matched our son Tom with tutor Sam. So far things are going well!

    Elizabeth R.
  • Quick,efficient and understanding of our sons situation. It was great that you could match a tutor to our sons character and academic requirements. It's working really well and our son is progressing.

    Nikki M.
  • I liked the way you assessed my daughter in order to recommend a compatible tutor.

    Gail R.
  • I like the fact that Vivienne came out to meet my child and I prior to finding a suitable tutor. It's also very comforting to know that every tutor is interviewed by Vivienne, and DBS checks etc are made. Vivienne was also very helpful with any queries I had.

    Tanya P.
  • Home / one to one Tutoring. Looks like so effective in that the child feels less pressure from the class ie shiness in expressing him/ herself. Not too expensive and session flexabiity . Tutor approachability - as parents , cld have a detailed overview assessment through discussing with the Tutor. There are so many merrits over disadvantages that cld spent me long space.

    Alec K.
  • Reliability

    Denis S.
  • Very friendly, found a tutor that has put my daughter at ease, which means she doesn't feel silly asking questions and is getting the most out of the experience.

    Chantal B.
  • One on one service catered to going at the child's pace in the home environment

    Fiona J.
  • Very professional, well organised and tutors selected to suit the individual.

    Katie W.
  • efficient fast

    Shelley D.
  • The communication is great between tutor and student and the organiser

    Fadzai M.
  • Very friendly and wanted to find out about us so we could be matched with someone that would suit us.

    Roger D.