About Our Personal Tutoring Service in Brentwood

Over 200,000 Students Helped Across the Globe

For almost 20 years, Tutor Doctor has been providing high quality private tuition to students throughout the globe. Because the conventional classroom setting doesn’t always accommodate for every learning style, our founder John Hooi set out to correct the “knowledge gap,” and ensure that all learners have a fair chance to succeed.

Today, we’ve helped more than 200,000 students and their families find both academic success and peace of mind for the future. Relying on the skills of 28,000 qualified private tutors in 15 different countries, Tutor Doctor has sought to redefine the learning process and make it personal again for our students. Here in Brentwood, Billericay and Basildon, our dedicated local team is committed to the exact same goal.

What you can expect from our personalised tutoring service:

  • Comprehensive and customised lesson plans, tailored to the learner
  • Consideration for your student’s unique learning style and personality
  • Encouragement and support from a qualified in-home tutor
  • Convenient tuition sessions in the comfort of home
  • Weekly reports on your student’s growth and progress

Passionate About Education

Our entire staff at Tutor Doctor Basildon, Billericay and Brentwood is motivated to help local students succeed. As trained educators, we believe that closing the education gap is possible when students receive the one-on-one tuition they need and deserve. With affordable rates and a commitment to accountability, our customers trust Tutor Doctor to instill the habits of success – whether the learner is just starting school or getting ready for a university programme.

To get started, call 01268 214480 today! We offer free initial consultations.