About Our Crewe Online Tutoring

At Tutor Doctor Crewe, we’re not your average tutoring company. We’re in the business of truly helping individuals, which is why we only hire the best tutors across the globe and only match pupils with tutors who can meet your student at their level. We go beyond classroom learning to develop and hone executive function skills for a well-rounded education that sets individuals up academically and in the ‘real world’.

How We Personalise Learning

We establish meaningful ways of connecting, first by understanding the pupil’s personality and learning style. Everyone learns differently, which means that not every tutor will be a great match.

Once we establish how the pupil grasps information and their specific needs, we utilise our network of over 24,000 tutors to handpick one who has the expertise in the necessary field of study as well as the ability to connect and engage with the pupil’s unique personality.

After the match has been made, the tutor will work with the pupil to uncover any knowledge gaps and create a custom programme to fill these gaps. Utilising their strengths as a student, the tutor will help build confidence in academics – educating on subjects and working through any exam anxiety, prioritisation, initiation, or other critical components that need to be addressed.

As a result, the pupil becomes more than a successful student – they learn to love learning and become equipped to overcome challenges outside of academics. Having helped more than 200,000 families succeed throughout 15 countries, we’re confident that our data-driven processes truly work and proud of the positive outcome we see every day.