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  • Great service. They take time to find the right tutor. Very pleased

    Nadia Begum, London
  • Great tutor and organisation. 10 out of 10

    Inga M.
  • Team and tutor supported our daughter throughout her prep for 11+. She successfully secured a place in grammar school of her choice.

    Zarin S.
  • Chantelle is happy with the style of teaching. Tutor seems to explain things in a way she understands. Thank you

    S Disoaza
  • Very efficient and knowledgeable tutor, over and above expected.

    Victoria O.
  • I will quite happily say that the tutor assigned to our sons is the best tutor we have ever had. He has worked well with both of the boys, Alex who has a natural ability with maths has with tutor’s support come top of his class, plus has with the exception of two other pupils near top of his year. Harry who struggles has gained in confidence and also came top of his class. Emjet is a pleasure to ...

    L & S Saleem
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  • Tutor doctor takes additional steps to meet client needs.

    Panchardcharam N.
  • Scored highly in our books.

    Paola L.
  • The tutor was great!

    Sonia s.
  • It has been a pleasure dealing with you thus far. Thanks for all the support. I find the Tutor Doctor way of doing things very helpful and of all the tutoring agencies I have contacted Tutor Doctor has been the most personal and supportive.

    L Davis
  • Easy to arrange. Great Tutor who has great rapport with child.

    Jackie S.
  • Tailored especially to my child's needs and the tutor was very good with my son.

    Sumandeep V.
  • Tutor was very patient and able to explain thing very simply.

    Eniola D.
  • Customer Care

    Panchardcharam N.
  • The honesty and reliability of the service.

    Cerila S.
  • The wonderful tutors.

    Malla H.
  • Every one I've spoken to and met was!

    Kerri M.
  • Good manners of tutors and nice students report each week explain what's strengths and weeks area. Try to improve each month.

    Thevagi V.
  • Very effecient. A suitable tutor was found very promptly.

    Heather O.
  • Consideration of my son's needs when finding a tutor.

    Aysha R.
  • Zahra got her SATS results today and I thought I would say thank you for your work with her.

    A Mirza