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Tutor Doctor Tutor Doctor Newcastle Upon Tyne

Neil and Melodie Watson


Towards the end of 2021 Neil and Melodie Watson were thinking it was time for something new. Melodie was slowly recovering from Long Covid and Neil had spent the last nine years working away from home. The arrival of Freddie, their first grandchild prompted a rethink.

Melodie had spent the last 22 years in education working in high schools within the pastoral departments, the last fifteen years at Prudhoe Community High School. As a Student Welfare Manager, Melodie is very aware of the demands made on young people both with their mental health, school pressures, peer pressures as well as their education. Having a designated safeguarding responsibilities in a high school has given Melodie a complete awareness of issues faced by young people. Throughout this time Melodie has been helping children navigate their way through their education and coordinating internal and external resources to best fit her student’s needs.

Often drawing up bespoke education plans and facilitating their enactment.

Neil had spent the last 25 years as managing director of manufacturing companies spending most of his time on the road and away from home. Already looking for a change into consultancy Neil came across Tutor Doctor at a franchise show in London and immediately saw an opportunity to combine Melodie’s and his own experiences. Furthermore, while Tutor Doctor had a significant presence in the South of the UK their network didn’t extend North beyond Leeds and York. They decided to take the opportunity of being the first people to bring Tutor Doctor to the North East and launched Tutor Doctor Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in September 2022.

Tutor Doctor Newcastle-Upon Tyne provides One-to-One tuition across all subjects to all ages. The tutoring is either provided in the home or virtually on-line depending on the student’s preference and / or location of the student. Tutor Doctor Newcastle-Upon-Tyne operate in an area that extends from Whitley Bay on the coast all the way to Haltwhistle in the West, Alston in the South and Kielder in the North.

Neil and Melodie are committed to helping children achieve their best. Tutor Doctor’s practice of having an in-depth consultation at the very start with both parents and student to fully understand a student’s requirement, interests and learning style to facilitate the best tutor match really appealed to Melodie who has spent so many years helping children who needed something outside of the ‘standard’. Melodie feels that all children learn at different rates and often tailor-made solutions work the best.

As Tutor Doctor Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is launched please give Neil and Melodie a call and arrange a free consultation to discuss how home tutoring can be tailored to fit your own needs/goals.