About Our Private Tutoring Services in Oxford & Kidlington

Private Tutors Available for In-Home & Online Tutoring

There are a lot of tutoring companies out there, but there aren’t many like Tutor Doctor Oxford Kidlington. Our local private tutoring company, serving Oxford, Kidlington, and nearby areas, is powered by the support of a worldwide tutoring company that has helped more than 20,000 families succeed and learn to love learning again!

Our local team is excited to meet you and your student, learn more about them and develop a personalised tutoring plan based on their specific needs in either a private online or in-home, convenient setting.

Learn More About Our Personal Approach to Tutoring

No two people learn the same, so no two tutoring plans should be the same. At Tutor Doctor Oxford Kidlington, we take a personalised approach to tutoring, designed to make sure your child gets the exact type of tutoring needed – right down to their preferred personality style in a tutor and what teaching style works best for them. It all begins with a simple, free consultation:

  • Consultation – Beginning with a complimentary consultation, we’ll start to understand your child better, highlighting their needs, weaknesses that could be improved, and even what their ideal tutor would look like!
  • Match – After our initial consultation, we’ll analyse our notes and use our advanced matching system to locate a qualified tutor that meets your child’s personality and academic needs. All of our tutors are thoroughly screened for your peace of mind.
  • Tutor – Our services are designed to take your child’s current curriculum and enhance it, filling in any knowledge gaps they may have developed on the way. Our academic coaching services are here to help your student learn in a safe and comfortable online or in-person setting.
  • Support – During your local tutoring services, you’ll have the full support of our local Tutor Doctor location. We’ll be checking in to see how we can help and provide regular progress reports to track your student’s or pupil’s progress.

From our renowned tutor matchmaking process to the dedicated team of tutors we work with, there’s no question why students, pupils, and families alike are turning to Tutor Doctor Oxford Kidlington for their private tutoring services. When you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself and help your child unlock their full potential inside and outside the classroom, give us a call!

Let’s get started – dial 01865 638 930 to request your tutoring consultation from our team.