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In-Home and Online Tuition in Wokingham

As most pupils and parents can agree, the modern classroom can be a stressful place. With regular assessments and preparing for exams such as SATS, GCSE and A Levels, having access to private tutoring can make a huge difference in your pupil’s current grades, confidence and future success. For nearly a decade, Tutor Doctor has been delivering trusted tuition services to Wokingham and the surrounding areas. Our experienced and qualified team is here to provide pupils of all ages with all the help they need to match them with the perfect local tutor and to provide personalised learning plans tailored to the pupil’s unique needs.

What Are the Benefits of Private Tuition?

Whether your pupil is struggling in maths, English, Science, History, Geography or any other subject or preparing for upcoming exams or tests, we’re confident that you’ll find success in Tutor Doctor’s proven private tutoring services. Our tailored tutoring programmes in Wokingham are designed to target the students specific agreed goals and targets. These are agreed at a free consultation which creates the dedicated brief to enable your Wokingham tutor to plan a unique programme based on the current national curriculum.

Some benefits of private tuition include:

  • Custom Lessons –Using your child’s current curriculum, the Wokingham tutors we work with help create goals to work towards, close knowledge gaps, and ensure every lesson is as efficient as can be. We can work closely with the students school to ensure a consistent approach for the student ensuring continuity and enabling the student to fully understand the subject.
  • Fewer Distractions – With private tutoring services in Wokingham, you’re able to create the best environment for your pupil, whether that’s in person, in-home or online. This can help ensure a focused environment which is especially helpful for students who struggle with concentration in the classroom..
  • Personal Attention – A private tutor ensure your pupil can have the personal attention they need to ask questions, develop new thoughts, and break down complicated concepts. Tutors are patient and encouraging to enable a student to ask as many questions as they like.
  • Ideal Pace – Classrooms tend to be very fast-paced and can be difficult for pupils to learn accurately. All of the tutors we work with are dedicated to helping your pupil absorb the knowledge at a pace that is ideal for them, reinforce their knowledge and help with retention of information

At Tutor Doctor, we do everything we can to ensure that the tutor and pupil match we make is perfect. Our friendly and local support team is here to support you throughout the programme, answer questions at any time and provide you with weekly progress reports to keep you up to date.

Our Tutor Matching Process

The real difference in our tutoring services is seen in our approach to delivering these services. Instead of opting in for a one size fits all solution for tutoring, we believe in matching your pupil with the best tutor specifically tailored for them. This means that your pupil’s Wokingham tutor will be handpicked from our highly qualified team of local tutors, based on your pupil’s unique needs, learning styles, and even personality type! This helps your pupil learn more quickly, retaining information more effectively, grow in confidence and have fun learning.

Our process follows a series of simple steps including:

  • Assess – We begin every pupil with a free consultation that assesses their needs. Based on these results, we begin to create a custom lesson plan to achieve their academic goals.
  • Match – Using the results of the consultation, our team matches your pupil with a tutor specifically for them. This helps your student learn quicker and absorb more information.
  • Tutor – During private in-home or online sessions, we’ll help your pupil close their knowledge gaps and set them up for a better tomorrow with services tailored to meet their needs.
  • Support – Along the way, our friendly support team will be there to answer any of your questions and provide regular session updates so you’re always in the know of how your child is doing.

Our Free Tutoring Consultation in Wokingham includes:

  • Identify and assess the student’s current abilities and the areas where they may need support
  • Clarify the student’s needs and goals to enable our tutor to plan an effective programme, tailored to the individual
  • Discuss learning style, so the student can learn in the most effective way
  • Find out about the student’s general interests and motivations to assist in matching an ideal tutor
  • Recommend a schedule which is suited to your individual needs and availability

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