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  • Initial interview to match our daughter with a suitable tutor was organised by e-mail and telephone communication with staff from Tutor Doctor. It was a positive experience for myself and my daughter. A little while after we were e-mailed with a suggested tutor and have been absolutely delighted with Tutor Doctors choice. My daughter's tutor is competent, organised and most of all is flexible and ...

    Cheryl B.
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  • Very efficient

    Alice B.
  • Prompt and personal. Your administrator and tutors are committed

    Aaron O.
  • Prompt friendly and professional

    Roopa R.
  • Alex is brilliant with my son and is great at supporting and progressing his learning. His confidence and results in school have significantly improved.

    Marianne S.
  • One on one, home tutor.

    Sumi H.
  • reliable and knowledgeable tutors.

    Pauline H.
  • It was a really good fit for Elizabeth - Will has been excellent

    Nicola M.
  • The initial informal assessment which was a family discussion. They were able to find a tutor for our son according to our specification. Although not initially but were happy to find someone else who was more flexible with our preferred dates. We are happy with the tutor & our son is feeling more confident as a result.

    Irme R.
  • I like the way that the tutor matched my son. A patient, professional tutor who genuinely wants to help my son succeed in his GCSE English.

    Debbie M.
  • Tutor is really inspiring our son to learn maths!

    Viktoras D.
  • Tried hard to match the right tutor with the right days. Succeeded in providing a great tutor. Good communication throughout

    Elizabeth P.
  • home visits, tailored learning, positive feedback, great relationship with the kids

    Scott J.
  • Personalised monitored and excellent reports and feedback we are hoping this turns into excellent results.

    Julie S.
  • Great that tutors come home and you sort it all out. Good quality teaching.

    Sabine B.
  • Ryan has progressed in both subjects and tutor Lyna has been very patient with Ryan , so thank you

    Krishanthi P.
  • my tutor is just fab

    Donna R.
  • Very professional and Tutor Doctor listens to the needs of individual students and parents and try their best to match it.

    Tina R.
  • I am very pleased and impressed with the way in which tutor doctor has catered for my child's needs. Tutor doctor has a professional attitude and great customer service. They are very approachable, reliable and our needs are met effectively. Our assigned tutoTutor doctor promised that they will get a tutor to suit my child's needs and they have done just that.

    Joanne A.
  • Efficient - quickly found a tutor matching our requirements and who is willing to be flexible whenever possible

    Moira H.
  • The way tutors are suited to the pupils.

    Peter C.
  • Taylor's tutor Harriet is very supportive and encouraging. I think she's great, she's friendly and obviously knows her stuff!! Your service is really helping to improve Taylor's confidence, which is what he really needs. She's filling in the gaps that have been missing and making sure he's gaining confidence in the areas that he's been struggling with.

    Tina K.
  • Great individual session before tutors are assigned to really understand what is wanted / required. The matching process went well and the 2 tutors we have been assigned are very good and have pitched what they are doing to exactly match the requirement. We have had 2 sessions with each so far, and it is going really well

    Nicky R.
  • Very professional service, Mark ensured we received the relevant information.

    Beverley H.
  • I like the personal, bespoke service Tutor Doctor offers. This has halped immensley when finding the right Tutors for both my children. It's a tailor made service at home.

    Reena P.
  • The tutor chosen for my 17 year old son was brilliant. Dominic encouraged Jamie and gave him the confidence in his own ability. Jamie has never been one to speak out in class so 1:1 tutoring to nail a particular area in Maths was just what he needed to tap into the knowledge that was already there.

    Fiona J.
  • Friendly and a very big help with my sons matches he really likes his tutor and he's very relaxed with her can also ask for help when he feels he needs it

    Cheryl E.
  • Knowledgeable and caring tutors.

    Karen D.
  • I feel that Mark has been very supportive and responsive to our needs. Amira has been extremely helpful with Ellie's tutoring and her prompt feedback has been very helpful.

    Barbara Q.
  • Mark provided a very professional service in coming in meeting us and finding an excellent tutor for us. Highly recommended..

    Navneet B.
  • Initial visit to ascertain students needs Prompt follow up and get uptodate with finding the right tutor Tutor herself got in touch to introduce herself and has proved fantastic in only a couple of sessions

    Joanne S.
  • I'm very happy with the Tutor Doctor service, my children have 1 to 1 tutoring in the comfort of our own home. I am definitely starting to see some improvement and it's only been about 6 weeks.

    Carrie-Ann G.
  • The personal touch in listening understanding and meeting your child's needs and matching the right skillset in terms of finding the right tutor

    Sunita K.
  • Excellent, relaible and personal service. We have been really pleased.

    Susie C.
  • The recommended tutor has been excellent, and the whole process and service from Tutor Doctor has been very good and stress free and provided the results we had hoped for

    Marietta R.
  • Very professional and friendly. Great tutors too!

    Stephanie H.
  • My daughter is very happy and comfortable with her tutor. She is punctual and really a lovely person. We could not have chosen any better. thank you

    Michael J.
  • Quick

    Nariman K.
  • Teachers are very engaging and of a high standard. YThe organisatin of the sessiosn is also very tailored and organised. Any problems are very quickly sorted. All very efficient

    Amanda J.
  • Professional and abiity for us to target set with you. Teacher is very approachable and easy to give feedback to. V important in order to get value for money.

    Camilla W.
  • Very professional service. The tutor found for my daughter is perfect for her and is giving her confidence in a subject where she had none before.

    Aurelia & Andrew C.
  • Mark's enthusiasm, knowledge and hands on approach. The fact that he can source the right tutor for my children, the regular reports we receive about the tutorials and the extremely professional way he conducts his business.

    Catherine N.
  • The tutor is very competent and is able to develop rapport with the child quickly. My child has shown a lot of improvement in his skills

    Simmi S.
  • We have an excellent tutor in Lara and our daughter has improved immensely.

    Marc O.
  • Bespoke in that you match the tot or to the needs of the client

    Carley K.
  • Our two employees really like the tutor they currently have, best one so far according to Kawamura san

    Kathryn W.
  • Very personal and nice to build up a relationship with a tutor.

    Deborah W.
  • Experienced tutor, friendly, approachable. Adopted right approach with child. Enthusiastic.

    Janene M.
  • Very responsible people, always willing to help and very flexible.

    Amelia N.
  • responsive. good quality local tutor. organised

    Isla M.
  • The trust to find a great tutor

    Claire M.
  • A prompt and efficient service. It was so simple, I wish we had found you sooner.

    Sukhie S.
  • Listen to what you say - pick a tutor that suits your needs.

    Andrea G.
  • The weekly status reports and the flexibility of our tutor.

    Marita P.
  • Staff very friendly, understanding and sensitive to individual needs.

    Vikki S.
  • Efficient and friendly

    Lynne M.
  • Very professional. The feed back from the Tudor detailing how the student is doing is very good. Tudor takes time to understand the student, looking for their strength and weaknesses and providing advice on how the student should improve. There has been a noticeable improvement in the way my son answers questions on Reading comprehension and non-verbal reasoning.

    Columbus N.
  • Fantastic tutors who both know and love their subjects!

    Craig N.
  • That time is taken to find a tutor that meets the students needs, personality and way of working. Good that the tutor comes to us as it works well

    Jane P.
  • Fantastic people

    Sam K.
  • We are very pleased with the tutor that we have for our son Marcus. Excllent choice

    Debbie C.
  • We are very happy with the service we are getting from Tutor Doctor. You were able to respond quickly and with an appropriate tutor for our son. Tutor Doctor are also proactive in finding solutions to ensure satisfaction.

    Una L.
  • We were visited to discuss our daughter's needs before a tutor was found. This meant we have been matched successfully with a tutor who understands exactly what our daughter wants to get out of the sessions. So far it has worked very well and we are hopeful that there will ultimately be the grade improvement she is seeking. We also like the reports after each session so we can keep track of what ...

    Hilary R.
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  • My son has been tutored for only a few weeks and he is already finding the sessions have helped by improving his grade in a recent mock maths exam. His comments are that his tutor explains concepts very well and he has identified the areas my sons finds particularly difficult. It is also very convenient to have the sessions at our home.

    Deirdre L.
  • I thought that the service was easily arranged, reasonably priced and the tutor received very good reviews from her German pupil.

    Valerie S.
  • That they are tailor made to suit the needs of the individual and the tutors are friendly and easy to get along with.

    Lorraine R.
  • Up to date student feedback and planning for the next lesson.

    Jeya S.
  • great customer service, friendly approach, great tutor selection

    Mike S.
  • The flexibility of the hours

    Mrs P.
  • The choice of a good tutor who understands the needs of my daughter and is committed to help her in every possible way.

    Tanzeela A.
  • I have worked for Tutor Doctor for just over a year and I feel a positive review should be passed on. I can’t thank Piyush and Smita for all the praise and encouragement they have given me over the last year. If anyone says anything positive about you it’s never forgotten and it’s always forwarded to you for you to see. They offer so much support and are always there at the end of the phone ...

    C. Bulpin
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  • The tutor is very patient and it has been great to be able to do it through lockdown.

    Sarah (Reading), Reading
  • We are delighted with the progress our son has made in English with 1 year of tutoring. His predicted grade has jumped by 2/3 grades. Joe is knowledgeable and engaging and has made the subject interesting and enjoyable for my son.

    Michael S, Reading
  • Hi quick note - just to say that G has got into the first set out of three for maths at his new school. Not the scholarship set but the top set for his division. (And also for English). We’re very very pleased. Well done Naeem. What a positive difference he has made indeed. All the best, Caroline D

    Caroline D, Maidenhead
  • Thank you for Indren. He has been great for Sophie. She now feels more confident in these areas, and can build on her knowledge gained.

    Lisa J, Reading
  • My daughter passed her GCSE maths. Felipe was a wonderful tutor, and was great with her. Very reliable and prompt and such a nice guy.

    Emma B.
  • My Son has come so far and grown with confidence since your lessons and would love for you to teach him again this coming school year.

    Phil G.
  • Aggie has been an excellent tutor to Harry despite recent challenges arranging sessions following her return to full time work

    Steven T.
  • Professional and high standard of tutors.

    Madeline K.