About Tutor Doctor Bedford

Offering Private Tutoring Programmes Since 2000

If you’re looking to give your child a knowledge boost he or she needs to succeed, you’ve come to the right place. When Tutor Doctor was launched in 2000, we realised typical classroom setting doesn’t meet the needs of all students. We have successfully helped more than 200,000 students worldwide with our unique private tutoring services. We realise students who struggle aren’t incapable of reaching their academic goals. Their learning difficulties may simply reflect a struggle to learn or effectively retain what they have been taught. Tutor Doctor Bedford fills the knowledge gap. Our mission is to ensure each and every student thrives with our carefully constructed, personalised lesson plans catered specifically to their needs. We celebrate your student’s differences and encourage them along the way so they can succeed not only in their studies, but in life, as well.

What Sets Us Apart

At Tutor Doctor, we have perfected the art of matching students with highly qualified tutors. Our custom-built matching algorithm ensures your student develops a strong rapport with their tutor, so they can learn most effectively. We take great care in matching students with tutors, because we realise your student will have difficulty letting their guard down without a supportive tutor.

There’s a reason we are recommended by 95% of our students: Most students see a significant difference in just a few sessions and nearly all see a marked difference in their test scores and overall marks. Your student’s tutor makes it their mission to instil strong self-discipline in your child, so they can continue seeing improvement in all areas of their life, not just academically.

The Tutor Doctor system involves:

  • Consultation: During your child’s initial consultation, we will note their needs and create customised learning plans to help them achieve their goals.
  • Instruction: Our tutors are well-versed in not only helping your student with their homework, but also learning effective study habits to prepare for major examinations.
  • Support: Our proactive care ensures your student’s success, and we will keep you apprised of your child’s progress with weekly session updates.

When your Bedford student is paired with our private tutors, they will build confidence in their learning process and experience continued success. When you call Tutor Doctor Bedford for help, we will do our utmost to help your student succeed in the classroom. You can trust our tutors to provide the support and guidance your student needs to excel, even in their most challenging subjects.

Interested in giving your student a leg-up in their studies? Connect with our private in-home tutors in Bedford today by calling us at 01234 675715.