8 Benefits Of Private Tutoring For Your Child

There are so many benefits of private tutoring. Arranging one-to-one tutoring can work wonders for your child’s academic journey and provide them with skills they can use for life. At Tutor Doctor, we understand what a big decision it is to arrange tutoring and how you might be wondering if your child needs extra tuition in the first place.

That’s why we’re here to show you some of the incredible ways your child can thrive with a tutor by their side. We’ll also explore some of the signs that you can look out for that might show that your child needs a little additional help. Let’s dive in and discover the benefits of private tutoring and how to decide whether it’s right for your child.

What is a Private Tutor?

If you’ve never hired a private tutor before, you might be wondering what’s involved and asking yourself the question ‘what does a private tutor do?’. Well, a private tutor is an experienced educator who offers personalised one-to-one tuition services to children outside the school classroom environment. From revision support to customised lessons in a broad range of subjects, a private tutor for kids will tailor their sessions to suit the needs of the student.

How to Tell If Your Child Needs a Private Tutor?

Before we start talking about the benefits of private tutoring, it’s always good to recognise the signs that your child may be struggling and need some extra help.

  • Falling behind in class

  • Getting bad grades

  • Not achieving potential

  • Not coping with the homework load

  • Losing interest in school

  • Avoiding homework

  • Feeling stressed about exams or grades

  • Struggling with specific aspects of learning e.g. reading or writing

While these are some of the signs that your child could benefit from a private tutor, our tutor services can also bring out even more in children who are excelling in school. From helping your child prepare for exams to focusing on any areas they might want to find out more about, the benefits of a private tutor are clear for all children.

How Can a Private Tutor Benefit My Child?

1. Tutors Work At a Child’s Pace

One of the biggest benefits of having a private tutor is that kids can work at the pace that’s right for them. Sometimes school lessons may go through the syllabus too quickly and they may feel unable to ask the teacher to go over it again. By having a private tutor children have every opportunity to take subjects a little slower and ask all the questions they need to.

2. Private Tutors Provide One-On-One Attention

Often your kids are situated in a class of around 25-30 other students. This can make it difficult for teachers to provide the attention that your child needs, as there are too many students and not enough time to allow one-on-one learning. This often results in kids feeling neglected and that they aren’t getting enough help, which is where a private tutor comes in handy.

3. They Can Work On Learning Obstacles

Often the reason why children are struggling and need a private tutor is that they are finding it hard to overcome a certain aspect of the curriculum. This can be anything from essay writing, maths formulas, speaking a language or having trouble reading or writing. Having a private tutor can allow kids to have the opportunity to overcome these obstacles but in their own time.

4. They Teach Them More Than The Syllabus

At school, children are often only taught what’s on the curriculum. However, a fantastic benefit of having a private tutor is that they teach more than what is on the syllabus. They teach tried and tested study techniques, time management, organisation and how to prioritise, which can also be transferred into their everyday life.

5. Private Tutoring is Flexible And Convenient

Having a private tutor is fantastic as it’s flexible, which works particularly well if you have a busy schedule. You can also decide how often you want your child’s tutoring sessions to be and change them in due course. For example, your child may usually have one session a week but perhaps need two a week before a busy exam period. It’s also convenient and tutors will do their teaching sessions in the comfort of your own home.

6. A Tutor Can Help Your Child Have Goals, Objectives And Dreams

When children are at school there often isn’t as much emphasis as there should be on creating goals and objectives. Having a private tutor can really change this, as it’s their priority to help them set goals for your child and most importantly help them achieve them.

7. Tutors Get to Know Your Child’s Individual Learning Style

Tutors also get to know your child’s individual learning style and adapt teaching methods based on this. They act as your child’s own private teacher who doesn’t have to worry about 29 other kids in the class. They are available to answer any question at any time and go through topics twice, three or even four times if it doesn’t make sense.

8. A Private Tutor is an Investment in Your Child’s Future

What you do for your child’s education now will stand them in good stead for the future, whether it’s taking GCSEs, A-Levels, or when they enter the world of work. From developing their executive functioning skills to practising exam questions, there is no limit to what a tutor can do to improve their potential and future.

Set Your Child Up For Success With Private Tutoring

When it comes to the benefits of private tutoring, there are so many. Your child deserves to be set up for success when it comes to their academic life. Private tutoring will help to identify any learning challenges, bridge gaps, and help your child to get ahead. Using tools like the Academic Game Plan and other effective resources, we give your child the tools and mindset they need to succeed academically.

At Tutor Doctor, we offer in-home and online tutoring services that can be tailored to suit the needs of your child. Find your nearest tutor today.