Private Tutoring Services

Reliable In-Home Tutoring Support

When you allow a professional into your home, it’s usually to provide a service that will ultimately benefit you and your surroundings. The same goes for a private tutor who delivers customised academic solutions to your child when they need it most. At Tutor Doctor, offering private tuition is the foundation of our business, helping students of any age, background, or learning disability feel comfortable and confident in the classroom.

You can rely on the highly trained and compassionate private tutors we work with to respect your home and time. Every minute of your student’s tutoring session is mapped out precisely so that your student gets as much time with a tutor as possible. We don’t rush through the process, as we understand that each child learns differently and requires personalised attention to thrive.

Contact us to unlock your true academic potential with personalised private home tutoring from Tutor Doctor, bringing the classroom to your doorstep for a tailored learning experience like no other!

Our Private In-Home Tutoring Process

Our goal is to set your child up for academic success now and in the future. Depending on the subject, the experienced private tutor supporting your student creates a detailed lesson plan that coincides with the current curriculum they’re learning in school.

Additionally, our comprehensive in-home tutoring process works as follows:

  • Complimentary consultation – One of the first steps that help us learn more about your student is a complimentary consultation. We discuss your child’s academic struggles, our programmes, tutoring duration, pricing, and more.
  • Tutor matching – We handpick your private tutor from a selection of qualified academic professionals who use their time to assist all students from primary school to university.
  • Schedule sessions – We work with your schedule to accommodate your busy lifestyle and allow enough time for distraction-free instruction. After all, your child should never feel hurried when they’re trying to grasp complicated concepts.
  • Tutor arrives on time – The in-home tutor that works with your student is prompt and always respectful of your home. They stick to a rigorous schedule as there’s little time for anything else if they’re going to close knowledge gaps.

When a private tutor visits your home, the objective is to recover missing vital points that hinder complete understanding. From there, your student should feel comfortable asking questions to build on their comprehension and retention.

Private Language Tutors

Tutor Doctor offers private language tutoring services both online and in-person. We have expert tutors for countless languages. Our team is eager to help you learn:

  • Japanese – Our Japanese tutors can teach you how to speak, read, and write fluently in Japanese. We’ve helped students from countless age groups and levels – preparing foreign nationals, corporate or governmental ambassadors, students, travelers, and individuals simply interested in the language. Whatever reason you want to learn Japanese, our teachers will instill the basic conversational foundations you need. We can teach basic business terms, everyday expressions, and complex sentences.
  • French – There is a long and shared history between French and English. As a result, many French words will appear familiar. We will also discuss the etymology and history behind certain words. This approach is often significantly more effective than relying on textbooks and conventional study materials. Knowing where words come from can help you remember them long-term.
  • Spanish – Our Spanish tutors can help you memorise words, conjugations, and grammar rules more easily. The one-on-one learning environment of tutoring is also conducive to working on phonetic nuances and pronunciation, which can be tricky to learn.
  • Italian – We believe learning can be fun. Games are a helpful tool we utilise to teach languages. Our Italian tutors are always excited to create dynamic activities and worksheets, so you feel like you’re playing, not studying. This creative approach to Italian will motivate you to continue advancing every week.
  • German – Our German tutors will discuss your learning preferences, goals, and personality before designing a tutoring plan. This knowledge will help us tailor our lesson plans to your strengths and instill confidence. It will also ensure we begin at the appropriate level for maximum development.
  • Portuguese – We offer in-person and online tutoring to individual students and small groups. Regardless of your situation, we’ll test your fluency, assess your needs, and apply industry-best techniques to help build your Portuguese vocabulary and grammatical skills.
  • Chinese – Our Chinese tutors are best-in-class. We utilise all sorts of resources and materials to keep students excited about learning. You can expect to study real-world content (ads, catalogs, articles, and other sources) appropriate to your level.

If you’re ready to open the doors to higher achievement, find your closest Tutor Doctor location and ask about scheduling a complimentary consultation for private in-home tutoring today.