Ways to Show Your Teacher Appreciation During World Teachers' Day

Ways to Show Your Teacher Appreciation During World Teachers' Day

With the 5th of October being World Teacher Day, there’s never been a better time for your kids to show their appreciation for their teachers. What many children don’t always see is the hard work and dedication teachers give to try and make a difference and provide the best education possible. Here are just a few easy and thoughtful ways you can help your child show how much they appreciate their educators.

Write a Thank-You Letter
Sometimes simple ideas are the best. Getting your kids to write a heartfelt thank-you letter/card to their favourite teachers is a wonderful way to show their gratitude. Remind them to include the impact they have on them and how much they appreciate all the hard work they put in every day. You could even get them to write about a favourite class memory. Nothing brings a teacher more joy than knowing their students appreciate them.

Bake Some Treats
Spend an afternoon helping your child bake some of their teacher’s favourite baked treats. Whether it’s cookies, cupcakes or brownies, pop them in a little box with a handwritten note of gratitude. It’s a guaranteed winner!

Get Crafty

Why not encourage your kids to get crafty? Teachers love a hand-drawn picture, so ask your child to get creative! Other ideas could be creating a scrapbook from the whole class, asking all the other kids to do a page each for their teacher. It could include thank-you notes, pictures or poems, all in one book for the teacher to keep. Even a thank-you banner being put in their classroom on the 5th of October is a small act of sweetness that’ll go a long way in letting your teacher know they are appreciated. We also bet the teacher will remember the class that put in so much creativity and thought.

Give A Small Personalised Gift

There are many personalised gifts that can show a teacher they are appreciated. If your child has a class photo or a school trip picture with everyone in, getting it framed or printed on a mug is a lovely gift idea. Otherwise, a small plant in pot painted by your child, some flowers with a thank-you note or a little bag of goodies the teachers uses every day is a great idea.

Give Them A Shout Out

For the teacher who always goes the extra mile for their students, you can go the extra mile too. Send the headteacher a positive email to let them know how hard he or she is working. Give specifics and describe the results of his or her efforts on your child’s life. Not only will the teacher know their students/class appreciate them, but the teachers will feel encouraged hearing positive feedback from their boss. If your child is older and uses social media platforms, they could even write out a little post about their favourite teacher and why they appreciate them, tagging the school or using a hashtag so everyone in their year group can get involved.

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