Educational Documentaries For Your Kids On Netflix

Educational Documentaries For Your Kids On Netflix

There are some fantastic educational documentaries on Netflix for your kids to enjoy this winter. With topics ranging from planet earth and animals to social media and pollution, there’s plenty to choose from to suit whatever your child is interested in. Not only are documentaries a great opportunity for your kids to continue learning even when they’re not at school, they’re also a great way to spark interest in new topics too. Here’s some of our favourite educational Netflix UK documentaries to watch, suitable for a variety of ages. Remember, these are just recommendations and we advise assessing the suitability of each programme before showing it to your children.

Explained (Older Children/Teens)
Explained is a wonderful series that discusses a different topic each episode. These include the gender pay gap, astrology, extraterrestrial life, cryptocurrency and much more. Each episode is anywhere from 15-20 minutes long, meaning your kids can learn all about a new topic in a short space of time. With two seasons to choose from and spin-offs such as The Mind Explained and Coronavirus Explained, there’s even more for teens to watch too.

If I Were an Animal (For Younger Children)

If your kids love animals and nature documentaries in general, they’re going to love this educational series. Each episode covers a variety of animals covering cheetahs, humpback whales, penguins, toads, foxes and many other animals. Each episode is 20 minutes long, with voiceovers led by children - it’s a great series for your kids to enjoy.

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (All Ages)

Released earlier in 2020, A Life on Our Planet sees David Attenborough recount his wildlife experiences over his 93 years. After visiting every continent on Earth, David talks about humanity’s impact on the Earth and what the future holds. It’s a beautifully filmed, eye-opening educational documentary, perfect for starting a discussion with your children about climate change.

The Social Dilemma (Older Children/Teens)

This captivating documentary is a great way for teens to understand the real dangers of being online. Covering issues like addiction, fake news and how companies like Google, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook have specific algorithms just to capture your attention- it really is a must watch!

A Plastic Ocean (All Ages)

A Plastic Ocean follows filmmaker Craig Leeson, who discovers a startling amount of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Covering over 20 locations around the world, the documentary shows just how much plastic is polluting our oceans and the repercussions that go hand-in-hand. A great watch for children of all ages, sure to spark a valuable conversation about how the whole family can reduce their plastic waste consumption.

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