When Should You Consider Private Tuition for Your Child

With increased studies, busy family and social schedules all while trying to achieve excellent exam results, our children have never been so busy! Sometimes life can get so overwhelming that it’s easy for your child to fall behind or need some extra help with their studies. Not only can individual one-to-one tutoring be extremely beneficial, it can also help build up their skills for the future. As parents, it’s important to know when you should consider private tuition, so here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Low Confidence Levels

If you notice your child is lacking in confidence when it comes to their performance at school or they’re getting stuck on certain skills time and time again, hiring a private tutor may be beneficial. Not having enough confidence to participate in the classroom can cause low-esteem and will often demotivate them further. A private tutor will work with your child to help them become self-assured and build up the knowledge and confidence in the areas they are lacking.

Bad Time Management

If your child is constantly putting off completing homework, it might be because they’re struggling to keep up with their workload. Regular procrastination can also indicate other problem areas such as bad time management skills and unorganised study habits. Having a tutor on hand will help your child get their time management and organisational skills up to scratch. Remember, tutors don’t just teach the curriculum – they also help your child build up useful skills that will stay with students for life!

Keep a Close Eye On Lower Than Usual Grades

If you feel as though your child’s grades are not as good as usual or their teacher has noticed a lack of focus, it might be an indicator that a private tutor will be helpful. If this is the case, try and chat with your child’s teachers to see if they can highlight what they specifically need to work on. This important information will be invaluable for a tutor, as it will give them an idea of the areas they need to concentrate on first.

Having Difficulty Understanding the Work

Sometimes your child may be underperforming at school because they’re not understanding the work. If you see that your child is repeatedly puzzled by their assignments or certain concepts, it may be because they’re not keeping up with their grade expectations. Make sure you talk to them about whether they’re just finding the work tricky or if they don’t actually understand it at all. This will help you see if their homework is just testing their knowledge or if some extra tutoring time is needed to help get their knowledge back to where it should be.

Why Private Tuition?

Private tutoring is something that can hugely benefit your child but sometimes the rewards aren’t always made obvious to parents. Recent studies have even shown that having one-to-one support can help move a student up one and a half grades. For more information about the programmes Tutor Doctor have to offer click here.