Top Resources To Help Your Kids Learn Microsoft Office

With Microsoft Office being commonly used in school and the workplace, making sure our children are able to use all the software at ease will be beneficial, especially as they get older. Not only will taking the time to help your kids learn Microsoft Office mean their computer skills throughout their school years will be excellent, it will also be very desirable to future employees. In fact, with over 1.2 billion people across the world using Microsoft Office, it’s no wonder it’s considered the gold standard of productivity computer software! Here’s some resources that your kids can learn with at home to help them get proficient in Microsoft Office sooner rather than later.

Microsoft Office Kids Resources

A great place to start is the Microsoft Office resources. On their website they have free online training courses that are designed to help anyone of any age learn how to use each office program without needing to sign up to a class or pay fees. They also have an excellent section with free resources specifically designed for kids ages 3 to 12, which are sure to engage them for a few hours and introduce them to programs they may not have used before. With a whole host of fun activities for them to enjoy, they range from ‘Write a book review with One Note’, ‘Write a letter with Word’ and ‘Make a scrapbook with PowerPoint.’ They even have a YouTube channel with plenty of educational videos to choose from too.

Ages 9-12 Resources

Ages 6-9 Resources

Ages 3-6 Resources

GCF Global- Microsoft Office Tutorials

GCF Global has a wonderful website with plenty of resources to help your kids learn all things Microsoft Office. Whether they want to start from scratch or refresh their skills, all GCF’s lessons offer a mixture of text, video, interactive sections and challenges to help your kids learn. Even better, they have tutorials for different versions of each program, so if you do have an older program installed at home, your kids can learn for that version specifically. For a full list of resources, click here.

Free Training Tutorial- Microsoft Office Tutorials

Free training tutorial offers a variety of courses, perfect for children who perhaps haven’t used Microsoft Word and Excel before. Their Word online tutorial teaches kids all about the basics of the program, such as how to select and format text, edit and handle paragraphs, how Word can help with spelling as well as handy keyboard shortcuts. For Excel, they provide a plenty of detailed tutorials, covering everything from formatting cells, formulas and functions as well as covering Excel’s special features. Find the Microsoft Word course here and the Excel tutorials here.

Go Skills

Go Skills helps anyone master Microsoft Office with their online training program. It not only helps kids learn the ins and outs of the widely-used software trio Excel, Word and PowerPoint, it covers other common Microsoft programs such as Outlook and Project. Even better, it’s got plenty of up-to-date resources such as video tutorials, mobile learning and unlimited tests and quizzes. It also allows learners to go at their own pace, which is ideal for kids who may have busy schedules. Even though these in-depth courses aren’t completely free, you can give it a go with a free 7-day trial and then continue to pay monthly or yearly for full access. For more information about Go Skill’s Microsoft Office learning package click here.