Thoughtful Ways for Students to Thank Their Teachers on National Thank a Teacher Day

With the 23rd of June being National Thank a Teacher Day, it’s an excellent opportunity for your kids to take some time to show their appreciation for their teachers. Not only do teachers put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes, they bring endless dedication to making a difference every day they’re at school and try their best to give your children a great education. With the last year being a tough time for everyone, it’s never been a better time to show and spread gratitude- not to mention there’s nothing that brings teachers more joy than knowing their students appreciate them! Here’s some thoughtful ideas your kids can use to celebrate all the staff that support and educate them on a daily basis.

Make A Thank You Video

With everything being virtual for almost a year, it’s a fantastic idea for your child to record a thank you video. They can add a special personalised message, whether that’s what they’re thankful for or just them talking about their favourite lessons with their teacher. If your child wants to go even further, there’s loads of ways to be creative and make their teacher smile. A great way to do this is to arrange for other class members to record a message too and make the video more collaborative and fun. Encourage others to read out thank you poems or even do a funny dance move!

Send A Card Or Letter
Sometimes simple ideas are the best! Asking your kids to write a thoughtful thank-you letter, card or postcard to their favourite teachers is a wonderful way for them to show their gratitude. Remind them to include the impact they have on them and how much they appreciate all the hard work they put in every day. Adding in special school memories or a fun lesson they’ve had is a lovely finishing touch too. To send a free card, we recommend the ‘Thank a Teacher’ campaign.

Draw A Thank You Picture

Teachers love hand-drawn pictures, so if your child likes being creative, this might be a fun way for them to show their appreciation. Other ideas could be creating a ‘thank you’ scrapbook from the whole class where all the other students create their own page to personally thank their teacher. This could include thank you notes, poems, drawings and photographs, all in one book that your child’s teacher can keep. This option works particularly well for primary school students, as they usually have the same teacher for the whole year.

Bake Their Favourite!

Some students may not enjoy writing out or recording a thank you message, so why not get them involved in baking one of their teachers’ favourites? Whether it’s flapjacks, cookies, cupcakes, scones or brownies, spend an afternoon with your child baking, getting them as involved as possible. This means letting them decorate their creations too, meaning they may end up looking a little bit rustic, but we bet they’ll still go down a treat!

Go The Extra Mile Too!

For those teachers who always go the extra mile for your kids, make the most of the National Thank A Teacher Day and go the extra mile too! There’s lots of ways to do this, whether it’s sending the headteacher a positive email to let them know how hard he or she is working or sending the teacher an email directly. Try to be specific too- for example, describe the impact that teacher has on your child’s life and how you personally recognise the effort they put in every day at school. If your child is older and uses social media platforms, encourage them to shout out their favourite teacher, tagging the school or using a hashtag so everyone in their year group can get involved.

For more information on how to get involved in National Thank A Teacher Day, click here.