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Being a Tutor Doctor® tutor is more than just work. When you join our family, you are connecting with something bigger. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of every person we help, and our tutors share that same passion. We are looking for passionate, driven, knowledgeable people to partner with us and put our students on the road to success.

Our tutors come from all different backgrounds.

Please submit an application and your CV and we’ll be in touch soon.

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At Tutor Doctor, We Have Some Of The Happiest And Most Satisfied Tutors In The Business, And It’s Easy To See Why:

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The Lifestyle Choice

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When you join the Tutor Doctor team, you’re in the driver’s seat. You get to set your own schedule and work around what’s important in your life. We take care of the details so that you can focus on what’s important… helping your student.
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The ‘A-ha Moment’

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Making a difference in a student’s life is what it’s all about. Seeing a student achieve their “a-ha moment” is why the tutors love working with us. We make sure that you are perfectly matched with the student, so you can not only get to that “a-ha moment”, but have fun getting there too.
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The Alliance

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You’re more than just a tutor. Through living our core values you have the opportunity to connect to something bigger. We’re with you every step of the way to help you grow as a person and in your career.

Tutor Testimonials

I like the fact that tutoring makes a difference! Not only in the student's life but in the life of the family as well! It gives the student/family a break from the overall stress that homework can cause in the home when the parents are unable to help their own children. I like ...

J. Somlai

As a retired teacher, I love being able to support kids one-to-one. The Tutor Doctor concept is phenomenal! It's the missing educational link between home and school... Thanks for offering the opportunity to continue sharing my skills as an academic coach in our community.

P. McLoughlin

I really appreciate the "teamwork" attitude/philosophy Tutor Doctor communicates. I feel valued and supported based upon the flexibility of being able to set my own hours and work schedule... I have been provided the opportunity to develop positive relationships with students ...

S. Lullie

I think it's a great platform to begin any kind of teaching profession. As someone who wants to pursue a teaching career at a university one day (hopefully, get a PhD!), I love that I get to exercise my skills and passion. I also like that the Tutor Doctor system is so ...

S. Shaikh

I like that I feel like I am making a difference in someone's life. My student feels like he is learning and more able to meet his goals. I also love that the schedule is flexible.

C. Francis

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Tutors Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great private tutor?

A great private tutor is passionate about helping students succeed by overcoming their academic challenges, growing their confidence, and finding joy in learning. These tutors have strong subject matter expertise and a mentor mentality. They build relationships grounded in trust, respect, and communication with their students and have their student’s best interests at heart. Great tutors are able to personalise their support by connecting the learning to their student’s interests, helping their student to recognise and hone their strengths, and developing strategies to reduce and/or overcome their student’s areas of need. Finally, great private tutors work as part of their student’s educational team by communicating and collaborating with the student, their teacher, family, and other members of the team.

How do I get started on becoming a tutor?

The best way to get started as a tutor is to contact your local Tutor Doctor office or submit our Become a Tutor application. Working with Tutor Doctor means that you don’t need to take on the challenges and expenses of finding your own students – you can leave that to us. Your local Tutor Doctor office will be there to support you every step of the way as you work with your student, meaning you will never have to go it alone. When you’re ready to start tutoring students, we will find you a great student match and you can get right to work supporting them and helping them grow!

What qualifications do you need to be a tutor?

Every tutor should have:

  • Strong subject matter expertise
  • Have completed, or be working towards completing, a Higher education qualification.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • A passion for helping others
  • A mentor mentality
  • The ability to build strong rapport and relationships
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
Can I become a tutor without previous experience?

Yes! We welcome all tutors at Tutor Doctor, both new and experienced. If you’re new to tutoring, your local office will support you on your tutoring journey, help you develop your tutoring skills, and find your passion for changing the trajectory of a student’s life. Whether you just realised that tutoring might be a great fit for you, or you have been a tutor for years, we support you every step of the way.

What are the benefits of becoming a tutor with Tutor Doctor?

Working with Tutor Doctor means that you are part of a team who is here to support you and help you succeed. This allows you to focus on what you love—tutoring! Our educational consultants meet with families to learn about students’ needs and goals and to ensure that it is a safe environment for tutors. We then match you with a student based on personality, interests, areas of need and strength, and subject matter. Once matched, you can get right to work supporting your student and we’ll take care of the admin work, meaning that you can count on regular payment.

Tutors working with Tutor Doctor have access to many resources like our Tutor Resource Library and Learning Styles Guide, and the team at your local Tutor Doctor office will be available to help if you ever need advice or support. You will also be part of our global tutor network, giving you the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of students around the world!

As proud members of the Tutors’ Association, tutors working with Tutor Doctor have access to continual professional development opportunities to enhance their skills, and our offices are all bound by the Professional Code of Practice for Corporate members. This ensures a certain level of service and responsibility throughout our network across the UK.

What skills do you develop from being a tutor?

Being a tutor is a great way to build transferable skills, like communication, creativity, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership, so no matter your plan for the future, tutoring can help you get there!

Can tutoring help me learn if I would enjoy being a teacher?

Tutoring is a great way to discover if you have a true passion for education and supporting students in their learning, which is essential for being a teacher. It will allow you to test out your current skills and see if an educational role might be right for you. Just remember, as a tutor you will typically work with students one-to-one, or in a small group setting, for a few hours each week. That dynamic does differ from supporting a full class of students each day. Tutoring may help you decide if education is the right career path for you to explore, but it will not give you the same experience as being a classroom teacher.

How do I apply to become a tutor?

If you’re thinking of becoming a tutor, then we’d love to hear from you! Please complete our Become a Tutor application and we will be in touch.

Is it difficult to become a tutor?

If you have the skills and knowledge that it takes to be a tutor, then it isn’t difficult to get started. The best way is to start by working with an organisation like Tutor Doctor. We help new tutors get started and provide support and resources to help you build your tutoring skills. We take care of bringing on students, finding you a great student match, and all of the admin work, so that you can focus on what matters most—helping your student succeed!