How is Online Tutoring Different from Online School?

With online tutoring becoming a more popular and convenient way for students to get one-on-one learning support, so many parents are seeing the benefits. However, with many children struggling with online schooling during the pandemic, it’s normal for some parents to feel a little apprehensive when considering online tutoring. Even though online school and online tutoring both take place virtually, there are some big differences between them. Here are just a few ways that online tutoring is different and why it is an excellent way for students to learn and get academic support.

A Completely One-to-One Experience

Unlike online school where a teacher is teaching a virtual classroom full of students, online tutoring is a completely one-to-one experience. Students receive the undivided attention of a tutor and learn at their own pace. Students can ask questions, go over material again or complete timed practice questions as they would in an in-person tutoring session. To see a Tutor Doctor online tutoring session in action, check out this insightful video.

Each Online Tutoring Session Is Completely Personalised

With online school, teachers must work to meet the needs and learning styles of all students simultaneously, which means it can be very difficult for teachers to tailor their lessons and materials to individual students. With online tutoring, every child is assessed and carefully matched with the best possible tutor for their needs. Once a tutor has been chosen, a tailored programme is devised just for them and their learning journey. From here, each online tutoring session is completely personalised and adapted to your child and their unique learning style and needs.

Children Get To Work At Their Own Pace

Another huge benefit of online tutoring is that children get to work at their own pace, and can stay on the same subject area for as long or as little as they need. They can go backwards too, cover a topic from the previous year, or even build upon knowledge they may have learnt years ago. That’s the real beauty of online tutoring- it’s completely flexible for your child and there are no time limits. In fact, this is probably one of the biggest differences when comparing online tutoring to online school. For teachers, they’re following a specific curriculum that needs to be covered in a set time frame. Often there’s no spare time during the school day for teachers to revisit material or stay on a more difficult topic for a longer period.

There Are Regular Follow Ups

Finally, with all online tutors, it’s a priority for them to regularly follow up with the family of their student and build up good lines of communication. This can be with check-in calls or session reports- whatever the medium, it’s always a priority for feedback and discussions to be a regular occurrence, especially so everyone is on the same page when it comes to your child’s progress. Online schooling and even regular school, often don’t provide these detailed follow ups, and feedback on how your child is doing can be limited to one parents’ evening per year. With online school, it’s also very difficult for teachers to properly assess their students without seeing them face-to-face, meaning if they were concerned with a student’s progress, it may be trickier for them to spot.

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